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I’m fortunate to have an amazing group of talented and committed people working at The A Group. It’s truly a dream team. And with each new hire, the stakes seem to be getting higher. I like that. Talent, attracts talent and elevates the game for everyone. I have written about the 3Cs we screen in hiring: competence, character and chemistry. But beyond that I’m always on the look out for qualities that will make a great addition to our team.

How to build a great team

Raw talent. Nothing is more exciting than to find someone who has a natural ability in their area of expertise. No matter their area of work inside our organization–designers, programmers, video producers, account managers, or sales–talented people are given the tools and the opportunity to do their best work. I’m convinced you can help a talented person grow and flourish, but without it, no amount of coaching and tools can take someone who lacks talent.

Work ethic. Gifted people without a strong work ethic won’t last long with us, and I’m sure they won’t be long anywhere they work. I believe in balance between work and home life, but we take our product and services seriously and those who work hard reap the benefits.

Hunger. That’s how I define what some call “life-long learners.” In our field of communication and technology, if you’re not a learner you won’t survive. I believe that’s true in every arena of business. The A Group has grown steadily over the years, and we even grew in a down economy due to the fact we are a solutions-based company. That means we are constantly looking at our clients’ challenges and opportunities and figuring out a way to help solve them. That’s part of our business DNA and without it, we would  have been out of business a long time ago. We hire intelligent, inquisitive, passionate and opinionated people who like to push the envelope and are not afraid of trying new things.

Have you ever been a part of a great, or bad team? What’s the difference?

  • Jeff Spielgel

    I have been a part of both good and bad teams and the difference is leadership for me. If the people leading the team are good, they’ll hire the right people, if not, they’ll hire people who don’t intimidate them and they are often the wrong ones.

  • Man have I been on both side of the coin, as have most.nnI think there are actually three levels. Great, Good, Bad.nnCurrently I am on a GREAT team. It has strong leaders, work ethic and hunger. In addition, what makes it great is a PASSION for what we do. We are unique, help others and its creates a fire within us to deliver our message every day.nnOn good teams I find that one of the above is missing. It doesn’t appear that bad overall but the move to greatness just isn’t there because all the pieces are not in place. What is challenging in this environment is that many times the missing piece really isn’t recognized or if it is, a solution is too weak but the leaders think it is strong.nnOn bad teams I think you find more than one piece missing and the leadership does not see it. Leadership moves down that my way or the highway mentality and eventually gets crushed by a great team.nn

    • Passion is that commitment to the work or cause that brings life into a team. Well said.

  • I’ve been on both teams, too. I have found that bad teams twist work ethic into something unhelpful. They hold up a standard of production and involvement and work that is unhealthy for sustained growth (and not to mention, unhealthy for investing in your personal life and in your family).nnI happen to be on a great team right now. It’s so freeing…and, in fact, since our team is full of raw talent, work ethic, and hunger, I’m encouraged and challenged to bring my A-game every day.

  • I’ll second the leadership opinion. I know the teams where I was able to respect and buy into the vision of the leader I worked harder and with more passion than in other positions. I always bring my A game but if don’t have a leader that inspires everyone to bring their A game you’ll find a lot of B and C games.

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