Maurilio Amorim

I am a starter. I take ideas and run with them. I enjoy thinking about what’s next in organizational leadership, communication and random commentary as I observe life around me. I love to eat well and take pictures of great food, and my occasional Friday Fashion posts have been a lot of fun to write.

My professional career began in the local church, and I have enjoyed working with not-for-profits as well as businesses in the private sector. I have started and grown successful businesses, but have seen some fail as well. Hopefully I have learned from both experiences. My newest venture, Textify Mobile is a very cool service. Check it out: textifymobile.com

I  often speak on branding, communication,  social media strategies, and the changing world of technology.

If you follow me on Twitter you might get a mix of social commentary, encouragement and the occasional random thought. I enjoy golf but the current state of my game is almost embarrassing, so I won’t mention it here.

In my spare time, I’m dedicated to my new pursuit: becoming an international man of mystery.