Church and Ministry Website Usage


In ministry, as in business, the day and time of your posts matter. A good social media strategy is critical. Take a look a this infographic. There are a lot of implications for your church and ministry website strategy.


What statistic do you find most surprising?

  • Rachel Wojnarowski

    Great info! Pinterest worthy infographic!

    • I have not posted anything on Pinterest in a long time. That’s a good idea.

  • Blanton

    Mario – Here’s a quick question. I’ve always thought of church websites as needing to have a .org TLD (even though ours has been .net for a long time, didn’t like it but it’s all that was available). We are changing our domain name do but we also own Which is better from a branding perspective to use in print/advert if we own both? Thanks, -B

    • I would keep both domains and redirect the .com to .org. Most non profits use .org and it’s already built into people’s mind. For that reason I would publicize the .org but still keep the .com

  • Blanton

    Drat. I follow your blog and know your name isn’t Mario. Sorry! I should know as I’ve had some interesting re-spellings of my own name…

    • No worries, bud. Mario was my grandfather’s name. And the only reason I was not called Mario is because my cousin got it before I did.

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