The A Group Brand and Development Division: Answer to a Modern Problem


When I first began The A Group some nine years ago, it was designed to fit a need within the Christian landscape for strategic marketing solutions. Being strategy driven instead of product, we birthed The A Group Technologies as communication shifted from print to online, to social media and now into mobile platforms. We have worked with authors and publishers from early on, but over the past few years the publishing world has gone through a major transformation as more and more content providers and brands try to navigate uncharted territory. The A Group Brand Development is our answer to that need.

Whether we’re working with an established brand or an emerging one, we’ll help our clients in these key areas:

  • To find the intersection between publishing, marketing, and technology that elevates the brand
  • To fill the gaps in a confused, changing industry
  • To emotionally and intellectually connect mission and message to market place need while being effective, relevant, and authentic.
  • To use agile team dynamics to maximize emerging trends
  • To leverage our technology to create platforms that can fulfill all aspects of driving message and products.
  • To focus on the entire brand and not only on a single product.

But a promise is only as strong as the team behind it, and the most dynamic part of this new division is its leader: Tami Heim.

Besides being one of the most delightful people you’ll ever meet, Tami has served as the executive vice president and chief publishing officer at Thomas Nelson Publishers and president of Borders, Inc. Her experience in retail, publishing and working with international brands allows her a 360° view of a changing industry. I’m honored and thrilled to be working alongside Tami and her wealth of knowledge and experience.   Shannon Litton, who’s been a critical part of The A Group since its inception, joins the team as part of the strategic team that together brings over a combine 60 years of experience to our clients.

Our business environment is changing, and we are changing to meet its new challenges and great new opportunities. We’re already seen some amazing results with some of our new strategies, but that will be the subject of another blog post.

What do you see as the biggest challenge or opportunity in publishing today?

  • Terrace Crawford

    Just ran across your blog. Thought I'd drop a quick hello. Looks like you have a great team to work with.

    –Terrace Crawford

  • MaurilioAmorim

    Thank you Terrace. I'm truly blessed man.

  • Sally epps

    Congratulations! That's an awesome team.
    I think that authors giving up their rights for perpetuity with the invention of print on demand changes everything.

  • Audra Krell

    This does look like an amazing team who will do great things. Blessings in all you do!

  • todshuttleworth

    Congrats A Group. Great hire with Tami. Shannon is great to! Yeah, even Maurilio is pretty good. Man, what a team!!

  • MaurilioAmorim

    Thank you so much Audra

  • MaurilioAmorim

    That's a great point, Sally. The advent of print of demand has huge implications for authors, since, technically, their work will never be considered out of print, and therefore rights will remain with the Publisher.

  • joseph

    Great concept, Maurilio. You have a top notch team. Congratulations.

  • Jeff Moore

    The biggest question I think publishing is facing today is the justification of a publishing house since authors now have access to editors, designers and even distribution without giving up rights. Since most authors get little or often no advances from publishers, I find it hard to justify giving up most of the profits just to have someone print a book.

    • You've hit the nail on the head, Jeff. It's becoming more and more difficult to run a traditional publishing business these days.

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