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Visualcy and the New Language of Communication

The job of the innovator is to create a new culture. But the job of the communicator is to speak the language of the culture, or create a new language in order to communicate effectively. Recently, I heard David Kinamman, president of Barna Research, talk about visualcy. I immediately understood it and it gave name to a trend I have been aware of for quite some time. Content is moving from passive to interactive from literacy to visualcy The average American teenage consumes 34 gigs of information a day, mostly video games and television Printed words account for less than 0.1% of today’s total communication The average teen spends more than 10 hours a day looking at media What are the implication for communicators? How is this shift impacting how you communicate?

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My Near Death Experience with Spanx for Men

It almost pulled my bad shoulder out of socket and it pinned my right arm next to my right ear as I desperately tried pulling down the powerful compression Spanx undershirt that was cutting the blood circulation to my head. I panicked because I was alone at home and the only thought that came to my mind was a horrifying one, “I can’t die with spandex wrapped around my neck. How would Gwen ever explain that?” As the room began to grow darker because of the lack of blood flowing to my brain, I made one more desperate tug downward and got the t-shirt half-way down my chest. I sat down on my bed and rested a few seconds before the second half of my compression undergarment battle. Spanx for men is a big hit these days. For centuries women have donned girdles, corsets and many other variations of undergarments,…

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Guys, What Does Your Watch Say About You?

It’s no secret that men wear watches as a fashion. Ok so watches tell time as well, but for centuries, a man’s watch says more about his personality and fashion sense than most any other accessory. Yes, accessory, deal with it. So what does your watch say about you? Here’s a quick guide to men’s watches and their meaning. Timex: you’re practical and no-nonsense kind of guy. For you, it’s your fashionable non-fashion statement. I’m not pretentious like those jerks who wear expensive watches and  the money I saved on not buying an expensive watch I made an extra mortgage payment on my house. Do you know you can pay your house off in half the time you if many an extra payment a year? Sports watch: I’m a competitor. After I leave this meeting, I’m going a mile swim, 20 miles bike ride and then run a 10k. If…

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Product + Experience = Power Brand. The Imogene+Willie Jeans Story

This is a Fashion Friday Mashup. It’s as much about a fashion trend as it is about how to create a brand and a customer experience that matches the brand promise. This week I bought my first pair of Imogene + Willie Jeans after my friend Zach Sutton showed up in church wearing a pair and sent me to their website. You probably have never heard of them. You will. This is a husband and wife team, Carry and Matt Eddmenson who have created not only a business, but a story, an experience and a product that embodies both. The cornerstone of Imogene + Willie Jeans is their unwashed jeans you have to break in over several wears. They suggest you only wash them every six months and even then do it gently. I’m breaking in my pair as I write this post. The jeans is simple without embroidery, holes,…

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Today’s Communicator Must also be a Sociologist

As a marketer and communicator, I’m always looking for trends. I have noticed that my 16 year-old son hasn’t asked me to buy him songs from iTunes in a while now. I know his appetite for music has not subsided and since his allowance has been, should I say, suspended, I know he hasn’t been buying any new tunes lately. Yesterday I asked him where he and his friends are getting their music. His answer surprised me: Youtube. Interestingly, Marcus’ generation is not interested in owning their music. They’re happy to stream it from anywhere they can. That’s a major shift from the millennials. While the marketing implications of how a generation behaves is important, the entire exchange reminded me that as a marketer and communicator I must also be a sociologist. According to Wikipedia sociology is defined as: The study of society.[1] It is a social science—a term with…

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Men’s Fashion Trends for 2011

For the last Fashion Friday of 2010, we look forward to the trends in menswear for 2011, specifically what’s coming up for the Spring. A see a fee overarching trends that will carry into the new year among them the continuing reinvention of the 80’s fashions with argyle sweaters, skinny ties and the resurgence of the Member’s Only jackets. Linen, while it has never been out of style, I believe will make a stronger come back next summer. in 2011 we’ll see more pattern mixing for men and bold color accents in traditional gray or navy suits. Here’s what top designers trends are showing for next season: In 2011 men’s clothing will still be cut slim and tight. That means it’s not a very forgiving look if you’re carrying on a few extra pounds. Designer clothing or not, remember that ill-fitting clothing will make even the most expensive items look…

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