Guys, What Does Your Watch Say About You?


It’s no secret that men wear watches as a fashion. Ok so watches tell time as well, but for centuries, a man’s watch says more about his personality and fashion sense than most any other accessory. Yes, accessory, deal with it. So what does your watch say about you? Here’s a quick guide to men’s watches and their meaning.

What does your watch say about you?

Timex: you’re practical and no-nonsense kind of guy. For you, it’s your fashionable non-fashion statement. I’m not pretentious like those jerks who wear expensive watches and  the money I saved on not buying an expensive watch I made an extra mortgage payment on my house. Do you know you can pay your house off in half the time you if many an extra payment a year?

Sports watch: I’m a competitor. After I leave this meeting, I’m going a mile swim, 20 miles bike ride and then run a 10k. If you don’t how far a 10k is that’s because you are a lazy lardbutt and not a stud athlete like me.

Wide-band design watches. I’m cool. Look at my wide leather band and hey, that’s a cool watch attached to that band, and it’s big too. Look at it. Look at it! I know you can’t keep from staring at it because it’s so freaking big. I’m cool, ain’t I.

Leather band Swiss watches. I’m sophisticate. While I could afford something made from gold, I chose to pair this incredible Swiss time piece with an understated leather band. Rich but not nuveaux rich.

Rolex: I’m successful. Sales people love to wear gold Rolexes. Makes them feel superior to other sales guys who can’t afford them. I says “I’m good at what I do. Look at my expensive Rolex.”  Unless it’s a fake from China and then you’re just a poser who wants people to think you are successful. But hey, you’re in sales.

No watch: I’m organic. I don’t need a watch to tell the time, my iPhone does that for me. I choose to wear a bracelet made of natural fibers from a tree in the Amazon I helped saved when I make a Kiva loan to the tribesman who started a business making these cool bracelets I now wear.

What’s your watch style of choice? What does it say about you or the man in your life?

  • I’m a watch freak. I know because my heart lept in my chest when I saw your post image! 🙂 I have all of these watches save the Timex and the Rolex. I feel naked without a watch. I usually go for a classy middle of the line (Fossil, Kenneth Cole, Diesel) watch. I like to find really unique watches though. I scour Amazon and Overstock for deals.

    • My favorite watch is a Guess. It’s currently being worked on.

  • Haha. I don’t wear a watch but I don’t sport the hemp bracelet either (although maybe I should). I actually don’t wear any jewelry other than my wedding ring. Just never been into accessories I guess.

  • I wear Swiss Army… what it says? I like to be clean, but don’t mind getting dirty. Well… and that I don’t want to spend to much on a watch, but what something nice. Lol. I have a detailed blog on watches coming soon. Hope you like it. 😉

  • Thank you so much for explaining this mystery to me, a mere female. I get so much spam about men’s watches and I’ve never understood what the big deal is. Now Iu2019m going to look at menu2019s wrists in a whole new way…

    • I knew this post was going to help someone. Thanks Susan.

  • I love watches and the styling of them. I do some collecting but not on an extreme level.nnPersonally, my everyday watch is a Stainless Oyster Perpetual Rolex. I have had it since I graduated from college and it was gift and I do not wear it as a symbol of my success. Haven’t really thought of it that way, but now that you mention it, all the folks in my company and up do wear one.nnI also cherish a 1942 Omega Auto I have that was purchased by my father during his service time and was the first luxury watch he purchased. I am in the process now of completely having it rebuilt so I can wear it.nnAt some point down the road, I would totally love to purchase the Cartier Roadster….but that is a few more nice business deals away :)nnOkay…now that I have mentally spent my retirement account I must go back to work.nn

    • I love the Cartier Roadster. As a matter of fact, I love anything Cartier.

  • Love my watch Lumi Nox. I think it says relaxed, but enjoys quality.

  • Ken

    What about if you sell your Breitling Bentley GT so you can plant a church? What does that say?

  • Timex. Maybe that’s no surprise? I go without it frequently as well.

  • I guess I’ve always been an organic Hippie…Even before I got an iphone

  • Dave_the_Smith

    I wear a Casio calculator watch. What does this tell the ladies?

  • Robert Wright

    I must admit I love a good watch and have built a small collection over the years. But my favorite is a nearly 20 year old gucci 3000M (see attached). It has a simple leather band (its third after wearing out the first two) and its face/body is low profile. What do i like best about it? It’s simple yet attractive, it keeps on working, and when I’m wearing it, I never know it’s there (very comfortable).nnFor what it’s worth… I own three Timex watches. I have found their old slogan is true… they do “take a licking and keep on ticking.” :)nnThanks for the post Maurilio!

  • Rich

    I’m either the leather band swiss watch guy (only on special occasions) or nothing at all. I like to keep it low key rather flaunt something I have (or hide the fact that I don’t really have anything). A watch just makes me feel restricted. My phone is good enough for making sure I make appointments on time.

  • Rahul

    I wear a Swiss automatic diving watch – and I love it!

  • i have lately been into watch collecting but ever since, i have always had an eye for watches and leaning more on the dress watch or a two-tone/stainless watch… nothing fuzzy… no chrono or anything… mostly basic and i also am into the vintage ones so as long as they are in mint condition… have quite a number mechanical and quartz…  though i do appreciate those cool divers watch but my clothing materials are mostly formal/semi-formal and even preppy casual shorts and loafers so i don’t think walking with a sporty watch would fit right for my personality. i also don’t appreciate the rolex or rado much (although i have one but the classic dressy rado…even the jubile is not much of my taste) but if i’d be purchasing a luxury watch that’s not mid-price, i’d go for an Omega…. i like the look of the classic omega, hamilton and bulova in either black/white/gold face with roman numerals… the most fancy watches i have are toywatches…  

  • marisa Supia

    This is amazing, one of the gift i love giving my boyfriend are watches and he does not understand why.. it’s because of those reason you mentioned on your post , i also think that a watches express and acknowledges a personal sentiment and it says a lot about a man’s personality

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