Men’s Fashion Trends for 2011


For the last Fashion Friday of 2010, we look forward to the trends in menswear for 2011, specifically what’s coming up for the Spring. A see a fee overarching trends that will carry into the new year among them the continuing reinvention of the 80’s fashions with argyle sweaters, skinny ties and the resurgence of the Member’s Only jackets. Linen, while it has never been out of style, I believe will make a stronger come back next summer. in 2011 we’ll see more pattern mixing for men and bold color accents in traditional gray or navy suits. Here’s what top designers trends are showing for next season:

2011 mens fashion trends

Armani pairs up a slim cut gray suit with bold accent collor, even down to the yellow shoe. Yep.

Dolce and Gabbana brings back linen mixing whites and tans. Also the skinny tie is here to stay another season

Prada is betting on bold colors and strong lines.

Etro: It's ok to mix up patterns just make sure they're subdue so they don't strongly compete with each other

John Varvatos has gray as a Spring color. Just make sure the fabric is appropriate for the season.

In 2011 men’s clothing will still be cut slim and tight. That means it’s not a very forgiving look if you’re carrying on a few extra pounds. Designer clothing or not, remember that ill-fitting clothing will make even the most expensive items look bad on you. Personally I look forward to being more bold with accent colors as well as mixing patterns. While some of that makes me nervous, sometimes you just need to get out of  your comfort zone. Not long ago I looked at my closet and all I saw was black and white with a few hits of brown. Boring. I’m changing that in 2011.

Any of these trends push your personal comfort envelop? If so which one?

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