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Guys, What Does Your Watch Say About You?

It’s no secret that men wear watches as a fashion. Ok so watches tell time as well, but for centuries, a man’s watch says more about his personality and fashion sense than most any other accessory. Yes, accessory, deal with it. So what does your watch say about you? Here’s a quick guide to men’s watches and their meaning. Timex: you’re practical and no-nonsense kind of guy. For you, it’s your fashionable non-fashion statement. I’m not pretentious like those jerks who wear expensive watches and  the money I saved on not buying an expensive watch I made an extra mortgage payment on my house. Do you know you can pay your house off in half the time you if many an extra payment a year? Sports watch: I’m a competitor. After I leave this meeting, I’m going a mile swim, 20 miles bike ride and then run a 10k. If…

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Stupid Stuff Christian Men Should Never Say on a Date

I’ve been asked to write about how Christian men should communicate on dates by some of the single readers of this blog (all 3 of them). Since I have not been single in over 20 years, I’ve asked my friend KelcieKay Sberna to help me out by sharing her experience in the dating scene. Here’s her account. This is a list that I have compiled over the past couple years; years filled with bad dates and creepy suitors. I have a career in ministry so I find that my dates are usually evangelical men 25-30 years of age. These are all actual accounts from my dates, however fictitious they might sound. I will marry the man of God who doesn’t commit any of the following crimes. Sending flowers the day of the date is an excellent idea. However, attaching a note that says “Imagine how much more romantic I will…

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Is Casual Friday Out of Control?

Casual Friday is now a staple of the American workforce. It started decades ago with business men not wearing a tie on Fridays and it has taken a life of its own. With more and more businesses now embracing casual attire as the norm, one would surmise that Casual Friday would cease to exist. But  I’ve noticed men who already work in a casual environment pushing the envelope and creating, what I call, “Casualty Friday.”   So for this edition of the Fashion Friday post, let us consider what men should  not wear to work next Friday: First of all, no shorts. That goes for manpris as well (capri pants for men–a sad but current trend) No Flip flops, sorry. If you’d wear it to the gym, don’t wear it at work. Sweat pants are never, never OK. No meshes of any kind (as in see through shirts). No ball…

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Yet Another Reason Men Need Women

Men need women. I know that’s a broad and general statement emotionally and philosophically charged, but it’s true. We all know Adam was lonely because he couldn’t find a companion so God created Eve. But in His infinite wisdom, God knew that Adam left alone would probably do a lot of stupid things, that, with Eve in the picture, could be avoided. Women after all have enough sense to know when something is utterly stupid, which most of us men, don’t have. My theory is that God decided to add the that’s-stupid-don’t-you-dare-do-it skill to Eve’s DNA after he spent time with Adam.  I know some of you who read my tweets and Facebook posts believe that I lack an inner monologue and self-editing skills. Trust me, without my wife, it would be worse, much worse. Not sure what I’m talking about? Well, let me illustrate: I rest my case. What’s…

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Fashion Friday Dilemma: Pleats or No Pleats?

Fashion Friday tackles one of man’s most troublesome fashion issues: pants. Nothing will make you look bad faster than ill-fitting, unfashionable pants. This dilemma is unique only to the American male (the rest of the world has moved on about 10 years ago.) Pleats or no Pleats, that’s the question. That’s an easy one for me: No pleats. First of all, the US is the only country left where yo can find pleated pants for sale outside the Goodwill stores. But let’s put that tidbit aside since, we Americans value our uniqueness and strong individuality. Blah, blah, blah. If we disregard fashion trends and focus on what looks best on a man, the flat-front trousers would win most every time.  Here’s the problem with pleats: 1. BBS. Big Bottom Syndrome. Pleats put extra material around your waist thus creating a larger-than-real-life look. Trust me, but most of us don’t need…

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