Yet Another Reason Men Need Women


Men need women. I know that’s a broad and general statement emotionally and philosophically charged, but it’s true. We all know Adam was lonely because he couldn’t find a companion so God created Eve. But in His infinite wisdom, God knew that Adam left alone would probably do a lot of stupid things, that, with Eve in the picture, could be avoided. Women after all have enough sense to know when something is utterly stupid, which most of us men, don’t have.

My theory is that God decided to add the that’s-stupid-don’t-you-dare-do-it skill to Eve’s DNA after he spent time with Adam.  I know some of you who read my tweets and Facebook posts believe that I lack an inner monologue and self-editing skills. Trust me, without my wife, it would be worse, much worse. Not sure what I’m talking about? Well, let me illustrate:

I rest my case.

What’s the worst idea you (or your husband, son, father, boyfriend) have ever tried to pull off? What happened?

  • Prayers, Musings & Randomness

    Just the lovely laugh I needed to start my day! Bless you.

    • Gland it started your day off well. Thanks for stopping by.

  • CDMuineachin

    LOL! I know ALL those guys! or have seen most of the 'deeds' done!

  • David

    I’ve done the drill hand mixer.

  • Great! I liked it!! but I still prefer women….LOL

  • Those are hilarious! The power drill doubling as a mixer is brilliant!

    • Nancy Jennette

      This may not be just a guy thing-my daughter is very practical and she uses her drill for a mixer because she thinks "'Why have two things that do the same thing?" Maybe she has too many male genes !!!

      • A brilliant and resourceful lady!

  • JT

    Our worship Pastor tied his dog to the front of his ripstick and let the dog pull him around the block. He ended up with a broken collarbone! Guys and dogs are a sure formula for disaster and America’s Funniest Home videos.

    • Maurilio Amorim

      That’s funny!

  • I'm sorry, I fail to see any humor in this post. All I saw were four really cool dudes with some great ideas.

  • Amy

    I'll admit it took me a few seconds to fully grasp the situation depicted in photograph number two, but once I did: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! That is truly awesome!!

    The only thing we ever really make fun of my dad for is the meals he puts together when we leave him home alone for the weekend. The current classic is Waffles & Salad.

  • You might be onto something here, Becky.

  • sabuchanan

    Without women it would be just a bunch of men sitting around in a cave with the best darn stereo system EVER.

    • Maurilio Amorim

      That’s funny and true!

  • Jim

    You are missing the one quote that explains act like this. A man gotta do, what a man’s gotta do.

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