Is Casual Friday Out of Control?


Casual Friday is now a staple of the American workforce. It started decades ago with business men not wearing a tie on Fridays and it has taken a life of its own. With more and more businesses now embracing casual attire as the norm, one would surmise that Casual Friday would cease to exist. But  I’ve noticed men who already work in a casual environment pushing the envelope and creating, what I call, “Casualty Friday.”   So for this edition of the Fashion Friday post, let us consider what men should  not wear to work next Friday:

  • First of all, no shorts. That goes for manpris as well (capri pants for men–a sad but current trend)
  • No Flip flops, sorry.
  • If you’d wear it to the gym, don’t wear it at work. Sweat pants are never, never OK.
  • No meshes of any kind (as in see through shirts).
  • No ball caps. They are never appropriate indoor attire.
  • No exposed body parts or undergarments. Keep holes to a minimum.
  • No tennis shoes or running shoes. They belong outside. (I’m talking about athletic shoes not the casual shoes like Diesel or Gobas)
  • No poor hygiene. It’s casual, not smelly, dirty or greasy Friday.

What would you add or subtract from this list? What’s the worst dressed man you’ve seen on Casual Friday?

  • Lucy Stevens

    Thanks for this, Maurilio. Guys in my office need to read this. I'm sending it around.

  • Sally Epps

    I once saw a guy wearing bike shorts to work. I think he biked to work and didn't change clothes. It was disturbing to say the least.

  • I am thankful I am not familiar with manpris.

    • Good for you, Mary. But I'm afraid they're making their way into Nashville.

  • This is funny, I had been contemplating writing on this as well. It's seems more like we have gone from "casual friday" to "casual life". I see more and more people dressing casual every day of the week. I miss when nurses in hospitals and doctor offices wore actual uniforms instead of these pajama "scrubs". When we were in New York a few years ago, we knew we were going to catch some Broadway show, so we wore semi-formal attire only to find ourselves surrounded by people in white t-shirts, shorts and flip-flops. Same with Las Vegas. People use to dress to the nines in the casinos, now it looks like some sort of "recovery summer camp". I try to imagine what goes through these people mind when packing for a vacation. "hmm, let's see, Friday night we are going out out to dinner, so I'll pack my favorite Metallica shirt from 1987 and these cut-offs".

    It's a sad trend that I'm afraid will continue to slide down till everybody is just naked and tattoo'd!

    • Naked and tattoo'd That sounds like a country song title. You should write it.

  • In light of the fact that there is no wedding ring on his left hand, this might give even more credence to your blog post from the 29th. (Of course, I am working today in flip flops and work out shorts but I am also working out of my home!!)

  • Bob Bender

    I'm surprised at your list. I thought you really liked creatives that wear skinny jeans and flip flops to work? 🙂

    • skinny jeans were not on the list. If you're a great designer than you'll get special dispensation to wear flops.

  • That's a real-life illustration of the slippery slope we're in. Thanks for your contribution.

  • Spencer Hill

    I disagree with the tennis or running shoes. I would much prefer simple pair of white tennis shoes like Stan Smiths or Puma GVs or sedate solid color running shoes than any "athletic" shoe that would advertise in GQ.

    • I like Pumas. They would be ok. I just don't think that outdoor performance shoes are appropriate in most offices.

  • Please no Birkenstocks with socks.
    Hey, how about pants with pleats?

  • I'm not a fan of casual fridays, never really go it. Are we supposed to think and act differently because it's Friday. I don't think it sets the right tone or sends the right message. It says "thank goodness work is almost done."

    Of course I'm a fan of letting people dress however they are comfortable with. Be who you are, show who you are. (though keep it all tucked in please…and I'm not talking about your shirt)

  • Clayton101

    nice flip flops they look cool

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