Should You Rethink the Design Process?


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I love this quick animation from Apple on design. Specially the line “we start with the question: “What do we want people to feel?” Most design projects start with a different question:” what do we want it to do?”

How do you feel, practically speaking, about the line: “there are a thousand ‘no’s’ for every ‘yes’?”

  • Mark H Jeffress

    That’s an interesting dilemma. In real life often we do not have the luxury to have a thousand “no’s” to an idea or concept, even a few dozen. Most of the time budgets and deadlines will dictate how many, if any at all, “no’s” we get to have.

    • Very well put, Mark. I completely agree. And I think even Apple has had some failures recently–think the failed new maps app.

  • Gayle Rogers

    In the words of Stephen Covey, “Between stimulus and response is choice and that choice is what can lead us to happiness.” I think there should be less “no’s” and more “what if’s”. Clients, deadlines, expectations…all choices…Creative takes time, especially creative that solves problems or makes us “feel”.

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