Text Messaging and Your Business


Nothing has had a greater impact on how I do business than text messaging. Not long ago, I was on a conference call with someone in Texas, someone in Sao Paulo, Brazil and I was in a car driving through New York City. The conversation sounded clear in spite of the thousands of miles and time zones separating us. However, I believe nothing has revolutionized more the face of business in the last decade since the proliferation of email than text messaging.

texting text messaging and your business

Just a few years ago, text messaging was seeing as an annoyance designed for teens and not a serious tool for business professionals. But lately, I have seen a major shift in how my busiest clients want to communicate. Some, if not most, of my clients fit into the type A, let’s-get’em-done category. They value getting quickly to the bottom line. They prefer the succinct, and yet effective nature of the text message. I find myself texting more and emailing less. Most of my texts are couple of sentences, and I’m amazed of how much I’m able to communicate. Busy people love getting to the point without a lot of fuss.

Gone is the need for “how are you today,” and “I hope you had a great weekend, blah, blah, blah.” Welcome to, “visuals look great. Need another option without logo.” I also know that a text is instantly delivered to the recipient, and I don’t have to worry about waiting until he checks his inbox or sits at a terminal to get my message.

I’m not advocating that all communication should be this short, but text messaging forces us to get to the heart of the matter and be intentional in each word we use. After all, we only get a few (unless you’re the type who’s compelled to send out 8 text messages in a row on one subject. Yes, you know who you are). Even if I don’t abbreviate words, which I try not to do, texting helps me to say a lot quickly.

As a matter of fact, I’m considering posting this blog in text-messaging format from now on. How would I compose this entire post on my phone? I guess it would be something like,

“texting forces us to be intentional and focused. Goodbye verbosity.”

How have your text messages change the way you do business?



  • Getting to the heart of the matter.  Great perspective! 

  • I certainly think it can be good for business. However, I once got declined for a job offer via text. Now that’s just tacky! 

  • Anonymous

    Interesting thoughts…I think short messaging is around to stay due to the proliferation of it in our every day life for business and daily communication with family and friends. I would like to see short messaging move to more chat applications that allow for more interaction and sharing capabilities. Something more like the Facebook Messenger app or the Google+ Messenger app. 

    Great thoughts on using SMS for business though, and spot on in how most people are working with others in business now. Quick and short. 

  • Joey

    I agree in the convenience of receiving texts virtually instantaneously. I also think they are far less intrusive & private than phone calls.

    • My life is most texting now. I talk maybe once a day on the phone.

  • Texting is great. I use it all the time.

    However, they aren’t always instantaneous. I once got a text at 10pm, that was sent at 7pm. It all depends upon the network.

    • I’ve had that happened a couple of times, but I must say it’s rare.

  • Texting seems to be the communication vehicle of choice for both my marketing business and my ministry. I have a ton of clients who will just text me a quick change or idea, rather than call or email.

  • Texting does make you think and communicate concisely. We have also starting using Groupme as a way to create and communicate as groups in real time through text.

  • Text messaging hasn’t changed the way I do business, but I do see the value of being succinct.

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