How I keep Up with Friends and Clients With a Crazy Schedule


“I’m too busy to keep up with my friends. I just don’t have time to engage people like I want to.” I hear these words quite often these days. We are busy and some of us have families, jobs, and even school to deal with on a daily basis. Who has time to pursue or maintain any more relationships? While I’m sympathetic to such a reality, I also know that the best life has to offer, including business, is usually found in the context of relationships. I have found that using 3 simple tools has given me the chance to keep up with key relationships, some even in different continents.

How I keep in touch with Friends

Text messaging. Text messages are the fastest, most dynamic way to reach someone. It’s instant and designed to be succinct. Most smart phones will accept pictures and video as well. I even use text to communicate with a group of friends if it’s appropriate. Texting has become my primary for of communication with those who are closest to me, both friends as well as clients.

Twitter. Amazingly, there’s a lot of personal communication that happens through the Twitter DM feature (direct message). Some of my friends and clients DM me about all types of subjects. They range from business ideas and questions to goofy humor or color commentary. A note of caution about DM: if you forget to put the letter “D” before someone’s twitter name, that message will go out to your entire network. I have seen embarrassing and inappropriate comments in the mainstream that were meant as DMs.

Facebook. It’s true that you can get “sucked in” Facebook and blow hours of productivity reading through people’s post and commenting on them. However, I have found that I  spend a few minutes a day going through my stream and using the “like” button, I can still be involved in my friends’ lives without spending a lot of time. Every time you click the “Like” button, your friend is notified and your face and name appear before them. It’s a great way to say, “I’m here and I’m keeping up with you.”

How do you find time for your important relationships?

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  • Mark Jefress

    I used to call people and hope they wouldn’t pick up. Text messaging has completely changed that for me. I also like your idea of the Like feature on FB.

  • As someone who is truly fueled by relationships, especially my close ones, this is a constant challenge. I use all the tools you mentioned above and have also discovered how a phone call or coffee meet up every once in a while goes a long way. The people who are closest to me, who I have a history of relational and time investment with, often fully know and understand the pace that this season of my life is taking, and therefore have corresponding expectations. However, sometimes I can be my own worst enemy by wanting to add more time to meet with and build relationships with newer people in my life, which is difficult and can be tough to layer on after I tend to my core responsibilities and relationships. It is not easy, and I don’t anticipate it getting any easier.

    • Grant, I feel the same way. It’s so difficult to add new relationships to what seems already neglected ones. I’m just thankful that technology makes that more manageable than ever before.

  • oh man, I’ve seen, and sent, my fair share of embarrassing DM fails. I try to avoid Twitter for personal stuff, but i always go back.nnThis is really great though. I’m super busy, and feel like I neglect my friends. My family definitely gets priority, so that’s something. But friends…yeah I’d be lost without twitter and text messaging.nnI actually sent my buddy an Outlook calendar appointment for breakfast on Saturday, so it w0uld show up in all the right places :)nnDude, I launched my business today! I was kind of afraid to tell you. haha. There’s a post about it on my blog.

    • Congratulations!! I just stopped by your blog. I’m pumped for you. Pursue your dreams while you can.

  • I definitely use tools like Text, Twitter and Facebook to stay in contact with people, but I prefer more of the face-to-face contact, whether it’s over the phone, through a skype video chat or actually getting together in person for lunch or a coffee. It’s not something I can do with everyone or even on a regular basis (all my time would be spent doing that), but I like to supplement the online connections with face to face.

    • I much prefer face-to-face, but in order to expand my network, I had to find a away to maintain contact so when we got on a face-to-face the conversation could go deeper.

  • Maurilio, thank you dude!nI’m that “too busy” guy surviving on 4-5 hours of sleep and trying to balance work, life, family and school.nnThank you for the reminder to leverage the tools at my fingertips to stay involved with friends and family.

    • I thought about you when I wrote this post. I’m glad it helped. Now go to bed. 🙂

      • I’m literally still laughing while reading your reply Mo. Absolutely hilarious.

  • Where on the iPhone do I setup a MMS “group”…thanks for the tip.

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