Bad, Really Bad Church Signs, Part II


For the Friday post I’m going back to a place where I know and love well and where fun material abounds: the church. How many times have you driven by a church sign that, while well intentioned, it was, let’s just say, poorly executed. These signs speak for themselves even when we wish they wouldn’t.

Bad church signs Maurilio Amorim

I don't know about you, but this sign depresses me

Bad church signs Maurilio Amorim

I like this sign because Pastor Manning is letting me know that he will offend me when I come to the church by offending me on his sign. Brilliant!

bad church signs Maurilio Amorim

Hanuk, Hanneka, Hannecka. Aagh, forget this, I'm becoming a Christian!

bad church signs Maurilio Amorim

I've got nothing

Bad Church Sign Maurilio Amorim

is that a million Christian Dollars? Like Disney Dollars? Will I be able to upgrade to a bigger mansion in heaven? Sign me up!!

bad church signs Maurilio Amorim


Bad Church Signs Maurilio Amorim

Isn't that from Lame-attentions 5:22 (Ok. If they can do it, so can I)

Bad church signs Maurilio Amorim

Where was that sign when Oedipus decided to kill his father and marry his mother?

What’s the worst church sign you can remember?


    Oh man these were hillarious. thanks for the laugh!

  • Angela Leonard

    Dr. Bruce Waltke tells of a conversation he had with his church secretary. She asked him what the title of the week's sermon would be. He was preaching about Balaam, and being in a hurry he said the first thing that popped in to his head. Later that day as he was driving down the freeway past the church sign he was horrified to see:
    "Dr. Waltke: The Talking Donkey"

    • It could have been worse. The sign could have been "Dr. Waltke: The Talking Ass" 🙂

  • Mike

    Choir? What's a choir? I've read about those in the history books.

  • Just outside Knoxville many years ago a church had a series of signs:
    Turn or Burn…Jesus Loves You
    Get Right or Get Left….Jesus Loves You
    and my all-time favorite cliche:
    Fly or Fry! Jesus Loves You!

    • Maurilio Amorim

      That kind of stuff just kills me.

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