What Do Your Client Gifts Do for Your Brand?


Since we started The A Group 9 years ago, we have been giving Christmas gifts to our clients: expensive cookies, designer pen, leather notebooks, engraved pad-folios to name a few. However none has elicit the volume of feedback through notes, calls and lots of social media mentions as this past year’s gift: The A Group branded Snuggie. We sent them to clients in the cold North as well as in sunny Florida along with our Christmas card also featuring our entire team wearing Snuggies.

None of us could’ve predicted such a warm reception (pun intended) nor some of the coldest weather in recent history. Here’s a few lessons from this year’s Christmas gift:

  • This was not the most expensive gift we have ever sent, but it was the most original
  • We are a professional but fun company and the branded Snuggie said it all
  • In a sea of cookies, pop corn and candy our gift stood out like a blue smurf (or an Avatar Na’Vi if you prefer)
  • The combination gift, card and stickers (on the shipping box) told our clients that execution matters and we took the idea all the way through.
  • People who would never buy a Snuggie because of the ubiquitously hokey commercials but who secretly wanted one, now are able to enjoy it guilt free.
  • Our clients bought into the fun and shared their favorite A Group Snuggie moment. Here’s a few of my favorite shots

Sal Sberna watching football with his Snuggie

Jenni Catron and her favorite puppy share a snuggie moment

Mac Brunson in deep prayer and meditation on his A Group snuggie.

What was a memorable gift you received from a business partner?

  • Chris Smith

    Maurilio, I love your Snuggie idea. One of the most memorable client gifts I received was a slinky. I still keep it on my desk to de-stress when I'm feeling overwhelmed.

  • Maurilio, this was a brilliant corporate gift idea! I still wonder how much you had to bribe your staff to take that photo 🙂

  • Jenni,It was their idea! Everyone was so jazzed about it. We had a lot of fun doing it.

  • Great gift…I'm just really sad that I wasn't on the gift list as those look like awesome snuggies!

  • My A Group personalized portfolio pad. Seriously. It's right here with me. I use it ALL the time.

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  • Wow!! great advice 🙂 I think you can really spread the word with these things. nanyways… Wat a gift is given by you…. gr8…. I wish my name will be on the next gift list to take those awesome Snuggies… :)nCorporate Giftsn

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