Ready or Not Here Comes Change


People often say they like change. But they lie. We really dislike it. Very few of us are truly “change agents,” as it has become of the battle cry of so many consultant wannabes. Most of us only seriously contemplate change when staying the same is more painful than the perceived cost of the path.

But whether any of us like it or not, change is being thrown at us at an unbelievable pace. If you have problem with it in your life, watch the video below at your own risk.

centerthis vid

So what does it mean to you? I’d love your input.

  • Sally Epps

    This is a sobering video. The implications is that an "expert" on many topics no longer needs years of experience with it. But the new expert is the one who understands a subject well today, since tomorrow it might no longer matter.

  • I've seen this before but I am amazed by it every time. I just finished the book "Leading Change" by John P. Kotter and his last two chapters spoke to how important it is for leaders in the 21st century to be constantly adapting to and leading change. Very challenging stuff!

  • Michael Little

    The saying used to be "change or die" I think we need to re-issue it as "change NOW or die."

  • Overwhelming to take in such facts at one time…taking them one at a time is impressive enough – all at once, wow!It's easy to stay in a comfortable place in life and not be aware of just how much change is going on globally and where some of the opportunities are to effect change. I've often considered myself a change agent…I might need to step up the pace!

  • Steve Shantz

    One of my favorite magazines is "Fast Company". What this video says to organizations is that they need to be very fast and nimble to survive. I work for a global broadcasting NGO. I ask "are we a FAST NGO?" We've been in business for over 50 years. We're working to become fast, but will we reach the finish line only to find there is nothing there?

  • I saw this vid a couple pf weeks ago. It was very, very sobering. I have always said that I thrive on change. Now that I am nearing 40…. my oldest going into the 12th grade….. youngest going into 5th….. wife has stuck with me for 20 years…. I dont like change so much 🙂 If anything i want things to "change back to normal" (How bout that for an oxymoron.)

  • Anonymous

    This was an excellent video, but I'd like to make a correction:Their stats on online dating and marriages are incorrect. The highest marriage figure that the online dating industry is willing to give is only 100,000 per year. There are more than 2.2 million marriages per year in the U.S. Fewer than 1 in 20 marriages come from the internet dating. 19 out of 20 people find their mate through friends, family, work and church.

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