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How to Market Yourself: Lessons from a 15 yr Old Entrepreneur

When I found out that my current lawn service did not mowed grass in my new neighborhood, I decided to call on a few people who have left cards or mailed pamphlets to my new house. One that caught my attention was Will’s Lawn Service. Will is a 15-year old 9th grader from the neighborhood, but according to his marketing piece he “has been on a lawn mower since I was 5 and have been cutting grass professionally for the past 3 years.” I called on 4 different people including Will. I talked with 3 people and left a message with the other, including my new address and needs; however, Will was the only one who called from the property with a price. He also offered to cut the grass right away. It’s been over a week now since my first round of calls, and I haven’t heard back from…

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The Cat Condo

I put my house in the market a couple of weeks back and, of all the upgrades we’ve made over the years, i.e. granite, commercial appliances, our cat condo got the most attention. We built the “cabitat” when we moved in 10 years ago in the garage to give Bob and Kissinger (Bob has gone to cat heaven) a place to enjoy the outdoors without going out since they were both de-clawed. The cabitat is near the garage door and is accessed from the house through a tiny door hidden behind a couch in our great room. I have been asked by several people who have heard of the contraption to take pictures. I decided a video was a better idea. How far have you gone for a pet?

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The Breakfast Song

Even though I think their theology is flawed–we’re gonna have a big breakfast in heaven–this video just make me happy! center this In the clip, Minister Cleo Clariet and his fiancĂ© Katherine Lane are shown singing on “The Kay Bain Show” in Tupelo, Mississippi in May or June of 2004.Clariet passed away from congenital heart disease on Dec. 13, 2004. Lane said he would have been thrilled to know his song is now entertaining so many people. So what’s your favorite breakfast food? Mine? Biscuits with chocolate gravy, eberskivers (Dutch pancakes filled with jams, fruits or cheeses), and egg white omelets.

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Are you Ready to Fly?

What do you do when you’re not ready to make a move, or change your career or go out on your own, but, suddenly, you’re pushed out of your comfort zone? Do you free fall to the ground, or are you ready to fly? I was reminded of my own story today as I visited with my friend Joshua Phillips. I met Joshua years ago when he refinanced my home. Since then, he has put together three different mortgages for me and has become a good friend and client in the process. Besides being a businessman, Joshua has a heart for ministry and has spent a lot of his effort and money in helping people see themselves as God sees them through his involvement in Fully Alive Ministries. Three days after I closed on my new home at the end of January, Joshua emailed me to let me know that…

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Ready or Not Here Comes Change

People often say they like change. But they lie. We really dislike it. Very few of us are truly “change agents,” as it has become of the battle cry of so many consultant wannabes. Most of us only seriously contemplate change when staying the same is more painful than the perceived cost of the path. But whether any of us like it or not, change is being thrown at us at an unbelievable pace. If you have problem with it in your life, watch the video below at your own risk. centerthis vid So what does it mean to you? I’d love your input.

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