The Cat Condo


I put my house in the market a couple of weeks back and, of all the upgrades we’ve made over the years, i.e. granite, commercial appliances, our cat condo got the most attention. We built the “cabitat” when we moved in 10 years ago in the garage to give Bob and Kissinger (Bob has gone to cat heaven) a place to enjoy the outdoors without going out since they were both de-clawed.

The cabitat is near the garage door and is accessed from the house through a tiny door hidden behind a couch in our great room. I have been asked by several people who have heard of the contraption to take pictures. I decided a video was a better idea.

How far have you gone for a pet?

  • Mark Allen

    One time my wife took our cat to a cat Ophthalmologist. It cost us $400 for an eye exam and a few drops. I'm still not over that.

  • I can see this clip making it on late night t.v. Those guys will have a blast with your cabitat.

  • Sally Epps

    You should patent the cabitat. It rocks.

  • Anonymous

    Do you have a similar contraption for great danes???

  • Anonymous, Yes I do. It's called "garage." 🙂

  • Karen Berry Johnson

    Okay. we must have this. Need the phone number of your cat condo builder. Too cool.

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