Are you Ready to Fly?


What do you do when you’re not ready to make a move, or change your career or go out on your own, but, suddenly, you’re pushed out of your comfort zone? Do you free fall to the ground, or are you ready to fly?

I was reminded of my own story today as I visited with my friend Joshua Phillips. I met Joshua years ago when he refinanced my home. Since then, he has put together three different mortgages for me and has become a good friend and client in the process. Besides being a businessman, Joshua has a heart for ministry and has spent a lot of his effort and money in helping people see themselves as God sees them through his involvement in Fully Alive Ministries.

Three days after I closed on my new home at the end of January, Joshua emailed me to let me know that his current employer, Realty Mortgage, was going out of business. My mortgage was the last one they closed. (Thank you Lord and thank you, Joshua). He also mentioned that he didn’t know what his next steps were but that that he was praying and seeking God’s will.

During lunch today Joshua told me he now owns his own company backed by PrimeLending, a large bank and mortgage from Texas but new to Tennessee. He currently owns two branches, Brentwood and Murfreesboro and is looking at adding another one soon. The truth is that Joshua was very comfortable at Realty Mortgage. He was making great money and his hours were flexible. However, it took Realty Mortgage going bankrupt before he was pushed out of the his comfortable nest and forced to fly on his own.

Today Joshua is a business owner. In a few months, he’ll probably make more money than ever before, and beyond the extra money, he’ll be able to impact a lot more people through Fully Alive Ministries because of the extra resources he’ll be able to allocate to the cause he is so passionate about.

Years ago I went through a similar experience as Joshua as I found myself in a crisis situation that propelled me to start The A Group.

I want to encourage you today if you find yourself in a difficult time. Like Joshua, don’t dwell on the failure, but look beyond it into the opportunity and how you can seize it. I hate going through a crisis, but I’m amazed at how much I have grown spiritually as well as professionally because of them as I look back and take inventory.

What’s going on in your world? How are you being forced out of the nest into your new future?

  • Anonymous

    Maurilio,I just got laid off. This is what I needed to focus. Thanks for sharing.

  • Susan Alexander

    Times are difficult, but God is still in control and He will take care of you, Anonymous. Hang in there.

  • Joshua Phillips

    Hey buddy, thanks for the kind words and sharing my story. You're right that I was just comfortable sitting in my little cube making a good living and never thinking of trying something different. The story isn't written but if it goes the way I pray it will, I'll look back at this as an amazing turning point. The truth is, it's all God's and we just have the opportunity to be good stewards in His kingdom.Joshua

  • Mark Allen

    Thank you for the encouragement. I needed to hear that and look at my opportunities instead of my challenges.

  • Good post, Maurilio. I hope I'm ready to fly.

  • SIR

    Thanks for sharing, we all need to hear stories like these…I'm so glad that I came across your Twitter Profile, hope to learn from you. You are an inspiration. GB!

  • That's exactly where I am. When my ex filed for divorce and moved to Hungary leaving me to raise 3yo twins, I was panic stricken. I couldn't go back to GM because of their obvious issues and the idea of 'Corporate America' nauseates me. Plus I couldn't work 12 hr days with the kids in daycare. They had already had 1 parent abandon them. So I had 17yrs exp in engineering, purchasing, program mgt & operations with an MBA to boot and the only place I could get a job was the YMCA Nursery. Ha!I was kinda ready to fly, but really being kicked out the nest sooner than anticipated. Luckily the opportunity came to design a website for a local retailer. I said yes then ran to the library for a book and proceeded to learn how to do it. It was scary and frustrating and exciting all at the same time. I love being creative from a design perspective, but I've never really pursued that area of my life. Now I'm working with code and learning and growing everyday. I just launched my 3rd website for a preschool. I have 3 more in the works and I need to do one for myself. Guess that would be handy. LOL! I look at your site for inspiration and education. My sites are very small and basic, not sophisticated and large like yours. But it allows me to be flexible with my hours and stay focused on the kids. I hope to continue to grow and learn for as long as I'm alive. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • Good to hear today Maurilio! I reopened my biz and got a new contract this week…praying that God will open some more doors.

  • @Beyondjems,I'm glad you're committed to your children, first and foremost. I'm impressed that you're learning to build websites on your own and making it happen. Thank you for the kind words; you're the inspiration in this story.

  • Thanks for this post. I'm one of your twitter followers, but an new to your blog. This story mirrors mine in many ways. Now I am in one of those "middle" places, my hope being fueled by what I have seen God do in before. Thank you for the reminder. I needed it today.

  • @Grant, Work hard and trust God. He is faithful.

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