Cross Point Launches Social Media Friendly Site


We have just launched the latest redesign of Cross Point Church’s website. I love the way the site looks and the way it accounts for multiple campuses. But my favorite feature is how simple the site makes to share content anywhere online. As a part of our MediaMachine back end tool, all the code and images, including the Cross Point branded player, is generated through a simple interface that the church staff controls. We believe it should be very simple for Cross Point staff to create tools such as evites, banners, links and embeddable video or audio. We also believe that it should be simple for anyone visiting the site to share such content with their networks as well.

However, since the player itself is branded and always links back to Cross Point’s site, the content is never out of context. “Who is this? Where does this come from?” are now questions of the past, since the church and series information will accompany the media anywhere it goes.

Take a look at the latest promo for their new teaching series. To get it on this blog, I just went to the “Messages” part of the site, clicked on the series promo video, clicked the “share this video” option, copied the code and pasted into this blog. It’s taken me longer to describe the process than the 15 seconds it took me to get it done.


Try also mousing over the player and choose the full screen option. view Cross Point website here

  • Michael Little

    This is very cool. You guys are doing great work. BTW, I love the video as well.

  • Sally Epps

    Maurilio,Isn't this material copyrighted? Why are you making it so easy for folks to steal them?

  • @Sally,Yes, the information is copyrighted but since the player is branded with the church name and series information, it's hard to play it out of context. Also, Cross Point has a different philosophical approach to its content. They want to use it to create a wide-reaching conversation and not just to enhance the congregation. Pastor Pete Wilson's blog is one, if not the most read, Pastor blog on the net. He has several thousand readers who are part of a much larger community than the church's two campuses. The church decided that their content was to be shared for the sake of the larger conversation and thus this strategy.

  • Excellent editing and effects combined with great content! Pete has the goods and so does Cross Point. Thanks for sharing.

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