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A Different Approach to Inconvinience

While the adults at my delayed gate in Atlanta looked around frustrated, tapped their toes, and checked their watches often, a group of small children decided to take a different approach to the inconvenience. I like their approach better. It was a typical scene in most busy airports in America: people trying to get to their final destinations, hoping that their delayed flight would not derail their best laid plans. I had joined the rest of the self-important business travelers whose body language clearly displayed our discontent with the situation. During my time at the gate, I saw a few small children finding each other and impromptuly forming a circle on the floor. Then they began to play games, and by the time we were boarding, they were breaking into song. Our delay became their party. As I was boarding I looked at the children and could not help but…

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How Social Media Has Changed the Way I Travel

Social media has changed my life. That’s a bold statement but I really mean it. The latest impact has been on how I travel. It has created an entire new dynamic experiencing that has enhanced the joys of discovering new places, meeting new people and eating well. Recently I was planning a trip to eastern Europe which I’m currently on, and tweeted that I was going to visit Prague. One of my tweeter followers Jennifer Lyn King, saw the post and reached out to me. She’s a Texan living in Prague with her family. Since she has followed me for a while she knows my love of good food and recommended several great local restaurants most tourists would never find, and where reservations a week ahead are a must. She also took time to meet us face-to-face and give us a tour of the city. What a great way to…

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Vienna: I Barely Knew You

Last month I spent a few days in Vienna, Austria working with the TWR’s European team. While I didn’t have a chance to enjoy much of what has to offer, I put together a quick slide show of pics I took with my iPhone. The music comes from Vienna’s own Mozart, of course. I now want to get back to Vienna to explore more of this beautiful city. Where have you been that you’ve said to yourself, “I’ve got to get back here!”?

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Traveling Well: Tips from a Weary Traveler

I travel a lot. A whole lot. Until recently most of my travel has been within the US but this year I have been all over the globe. Right now I’m writing this post somewhere over Russia. There’s an art to traveling well, even if you can’t go first or business class as is my case right now. Here’s a few thoughts on the art of travel.  Book an exit row or bulk head  seat (some airlines charge extra for those seats). The extra leg room is really helpful on a long flight.    Board as early as possible.  Boarding early secures you the overhead bin near you. They fill up quickly specially on overseas flights.     Dress for comfort. Make sure you wear comfortable clothing and specially footwear since your feet will swell up during long flights.     Wear dark colors. You never know when you or someone next…

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Travel Log: Brazil. Observations from an Expatriate

Last week I had chance of visiting with the leadership of TWR Brazil. While there’s so much I would like to say about my 4 days in Sao Paulo, here’s a random dump of observations: 1. Evangelical Christianity is booming in Brazil. Entrepreneurial Christians are taking the gospel further into the remote parts of Brazil and using technology to reach large cities as well as remote jungle locations. God is alive and well in South America.  Cutura bookstore. Four stores filled with inventory and lines 8 deep of people buying books. Who said Brazilians don’t buy books?  2. TWR Brazil has a great leadership team that is visionary and entrepreneurial. I believe their best days are before them. Not only TWR reaches the entire nation via radio waves, they now have a growing publishing division that’s resourcing their listening audience and finding new audiences. Tim Klingbeil (TWR Americas Director) Jose…

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Travel Log: Hong Kong part 1

After a 16-hour flight from Newark I landed in Hong Kong where my body is still trying to deal with a 14-hour time zone difference. It’s been wreaking havoc with my sleep cycle but it has been worth it. My first two days were mostly spent with the friendly staff here in Hong Kong. They were gracious hosts and I thoroughly enjoyed my time with them. This afternoon, my traveling companion, Steve Shantz and I ventured out into the city. Here are a few random thoughts: 1. People in Hong Kong are not early risers. There’s nothing open before 7 a.m., and that includes the YMCA as well as Starbucks which was still closed by 7:30! Oh, but there are 24 hrs McDonalds and chicken feet stores. 2. Folks here love tea but it’s very hard to get a good cup of coffee. Take a look of the picture…

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