Travel Log: Hong Kong part 1

After a 16-hour flight from Newark I landed in Hong Kong where my body is still trying to deal with a 14-hour time zone difference. It’s been wreaking havoc with my sleep cycle but it has been worth it.
My first two days were mostly spent with the friendly staff here in Hong Kong. They were gracious hosts and I thoroughly enjoyed my time with them. This afternoon, my traveling companion, Steve Shantz and I ventured out into the city. Here are a few random thoughts:
1. People in Hong Kong are not early risers. There’s nothing open before 7 a.m., and that includes the YMCA as well as Starbucks which was still closed by 7:30! Oh, but there are 24 hrs McDonalds and chicken feet stores.
2. Folks here love tea but it’s very hard to get a good cup of coffee. Take a look of the picture of the coffee mug below. No, it’s not dirt that you see in the water, it’s instant coffee that has not been dissolved. It tasted as good as it looks.
3. The Asian personal space is a lot smaller than the American-people everywhere all over your business.
4. Service here is efficient but not personal. People don’t make small talk or offer opinion on Menu. They barely make eye contact.
5. Sammy the taylor’s business is so small that I had to leave in order to change my mind. His prices, however, are worth the trouble.
6. My iPhone rocks! These pics were all taken with it.

Devotions with the TWR team
They call it coffee. I have another name
Excuse me. I have a large personal bubble. Please move
Hey, you drop your boutonniere in my water!
Aagh, subtle marketing from the top deck of a city bus
No it’s not a backdrop behind me. It’s Victoria Harbor
I caught the ship as it sailed by the harbor.
Asians are small and skinny but they eat a ton of food
Steve Shantz and Sammy the taylor.
Subways move millions every day.

What’s the most unusual place you’ve ever visited?
  • love these pics!!! I haven't been to many "unusual" places (and I'm not really sure what constitutes it as one)…. but prob. Palestine. I think what was unusual is that you are a minority if you're not walking around with guns and weapons. lol

  • Maurilio, these are great pix. I hope you and Steve have a good time and get lots accomplished in between visits to the tailor and the cups of terrible coffee.

  • Moweezle. I bet Palestine is quite an experience.

  • Anonymous

    Maurilio…your pictures are amazing! Is that tea that looks like it has a floral arrangement in it?Safe travels! Rachel(rachhillis)

  • Thanks Rachel. Yes, I think it's lotus tea with the lotus flower in it.

  • sup, im seriously digging your post but the other links arent working. You might wanna check your site in opera cuz you know that browser acts up sometimes.

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