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Are You a Gracious Person? I’m Not Sure I Am

There’s nothing more refreshing than a gracious person. I have spent the past two days playing golf with pastors of very large churches at Bay Hill in Orlando, Fl. And for those of us who have to work hard and can’t play golf regularly (I’m just bitter because of the sad state of my golf game), a gracious partner during a round is truly a gift. During this trip, I have been fortunate to play with gracious men. They were kind, encouraging, and allowed me to bend the rules of golf, which if you’re not aware, are many. (I’m convinced that golf rules were written by the Pharisees.) But as I enjoyed being the recipient of such grace, I have reflected over my own past. I’m not sure I have always been a gracious person. As as matter of fact, I’m not sure I am one today. The question today…

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How Are You Wired for Creativity?

Part of my work at The A Group focus on helping leaders, speakers and authors with the creative part of their jobs. Several of my clients are pastors of large congregations and ministries and part of my work is to help them develop teaching series ideas, book topics, titles and creative concepts for their ministries. Some believe that the creative process is as mysterious as a muse who descends upon humans at her will to impart inspiration. I must say I’ve had a few inspirational moments over the years, but most of my best creative work comes through a process that is not as much magical, as it is intentional. I plan on writing more about the process in future posts, but before I can make any progress with a client, I need to understand his or her “creative style.” Usually most of my clients fit in one of or…

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The Pastor Said What? Pulpit Blunders

Public speaking is a difficult skill. You have to engage an audience that’s easily bored. Pastors have some of the most difficult jobs for any communicators out there. They have to produce fresh and relevant content every week, sometimes two or three times a week and present to critics, uh, members who expect their pastor to be on par with world-class communicators. While most every week my pastor friends do an amazing job, they’re also human. Here’s a list of things I wish I had never heard a Pastor say. No names here, you know who you are: Let’s bring the whole tithe in the whorehouse of the Lord, uh, storehouse that is. Lot pinched his tits. No, he pitched his tent. Did I just say that? I’ve upped my pledge to the building campaign, now up yours. I get paid to be good. You’re good for nothing. Let everything…

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