Are You a Gracious Person? I’m Not Sure I Am


There’s nothing more refreshing than a gracious person. I have spent the past two days playing golf with pastors of very large churches at Bay Hill in Orlando, Fl. And for those of us who have to work hard and can’t play golf regularly (I’m just bitter because of the sad state of my golf game), a gracious partner during a round is truly a gift. During this trip, I have been fortunate to play with gracious men. They were kind, encouraging, and allowed me to bend the rules of golf, which if you’re not aware, are many. (I’m convinced that golf rules were written by the Pharisees.) But as I enjoyed being the recipient of such grace, I have reflected over my own past. I’m not sure I have always been a gracious person. As as matter of fact, I’m not sure I am one today.

ARe you a gracious person, Really?

The question today is a simple one: What makes someone a gracious person? Consider these:

A gracious person is accommodating. Often they will inconvenience themselves to make others comfortable.

A gracious person minimizes consequences. How upset would you be if someone dragged mud through the house and stain your favorite rug or spilled coffee on your favorite shirt? They will make you feel ok when you know you have screwed up.

A gracious person engages. They can listen intently while someone goes on and on about something trivial or uninteresting

A gracious person shares. It’s their last cookie or protein bar but they’ll break it in half and share it with you before you even ask. But they also share their home, their resources and their hearts with those around them.

I can’t speak for you or anyone else, but I’m pretty convicted about being more gracious. It’s always easy for me to be on the receiving end of grace, I’m not proud to say.

What other attributes is the list missing? Who is the most gracious person you know?

  • Whoa. I definitely need work in this area. Especially when it comes to relating to my kids. Sometimes I get so caught up in trying to mold & train them that I forget the example of Christ I'm establishing in their minds.

    Thanks for the call out.

    • That's so true. I, too, get caught up in discipline and forget to be gracious toward my boys. Good word.

  • juliekolb

    Grace may possibly come easier for a woman..To be a gracious lady is something that is taught from young and probably the most taught aspect in teaching my own two daughters..My grandmother used to say to us girls "Cultivate a soft voice, a soft answer turneth away wrath"..The older I get, the more sense that makes..

    From a biblical standpoint and example, grace (as in saving grace) is the "going above and beyond"..It's not only showing mercy to someone, but then rewarding them on top of that, even knowing they do not deserve such lavish rewards (eternal life)

    When it comes to grace, we can all learn from Christ's example..(And is something I need to work on daily)

    Very nice thoughts, Maurilio

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  • Steve Shantz

    A Gracious person goes out for Indian Curry the night before a 16 hour international flight, just because his traveling companion has a hankering for it.

    • It was easy to do when the traveling companion is always so accommodating.

  • A gracious person assumes positive intent of his/her friend. In other words, when a friend messes us, a gracious person assumes it's just a mistake, and not anything sinister.

    • That's great, Mary. We should always assume the best.

  • Robert Wright

    A true gracious person is an equal opportunity grace giver. They don't cherry pick who receives grace but rather extends it to both family, friends, and strangers alike.

    A true gracious person forgives. This piggy-backs your second point. Truly gracious people have an amazing propensity to forgive and not hold grudges. In many cases, this is a direct reflection of forgiveness and grace extended to them in their past, whether from their Savior or from another truly gracious person.

    • Robert Wright

      My golf game is SO BAD that I can challenge the most gracious of golf buddies. Usually by the end of the round their countenance has change from a smile to a scowl. 🙂

      Thanks for the post!

    • Yes, you're so right. Gracious people are equal opportunity folks.

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