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How Generous Are You?

I remembering seeing an episode of the Celebrity Apprentice where Sharon Ousborne was thrilled she was able to secure a 15 thousand dollar gift from a wealthy donor. She was ‘shocked’ because according to her, she had never seen anyone give that much money away before. Well, I was shocked but for a different reason. First, her reaction told me a lot about Mrs. Ousborne generosity quotient or lack thereof and then it reminded me how many truly giving people I have met over the years. People who have given a lot more with a lot less money. So during this giving season, what does it mean to be generous? Here’s a few thoughts about generosity: It’s not an amount. a 15 thousand dollar gift might not be as generous as a 15 dollar one.  Remember the story of the widow’s mite? It’s not about money. Sometimes your most generous…

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Are You a Gracious Person? I’m Not Sure I Am

There’s nothing more refreshing than a gracious person. I have spent the past two days playing golf with pastors of very large churches at Bay Hill in Orlando, Fl. And for those of us who have to work hard and can’t play golf regularly (I’m just bitter because of the sad state of my golf game), a gracious partner during a round is truly a gift. During this trip, I have been fortunate to play with gracious men. They were kind, encouraging, and allowed me to bend the rules of golf, which if you’re not aware, are many. (I’m convinced that golf rules were written by the Pharisees.) But as I enjoyed being the recipient of such grace, I have reflected over my own past. I’m not sure I have always been a gracious person. As as matter of fact, I’m not sure I am one today. The question today…

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