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Welcome Pete Wilson to The A Group

Some of the most significant events in life happen outside any clever planning on our parts. This is ever so true in this new chapter of The A Group. Today, Pete Wilson, author, speaker and former pastor of Cross Point Church in Nashville, TN is joining our team as our new President. Here’s how it happened.

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A Historical Day For The A Group with Dr. Meg Meeker

Yesterday was a historical day for all of us at The A Group. One of our authors, Dr. Meg Meeker, just released Strong Fathers, Stronger Daughters the 30-Day Challenge. The follow up to her best-selling book, “Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters.” ‘The book released under The A Group label, since we helped develop, edit, design, and market it. But that’s not what made history. This morning Dr. Meeker was interviewed on the Today show where they showcased the book. This is the first time one of our authors on a project we represent makes a live appearance on the Today show. And, to our knowledge, the first time the program features a self-published book. Even though the Today Show has had a long standing policy on not featuring self-published titles, they made an exception this time because the content was compelling and one of the hosts, Kathy Lee Gifford, had read…

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The A Group 10th Anniversary Celebration and Open House

Yesterday was a big day for me. Our entire team celebrated 10 years in business and moving into our new offices. There were a lot of details to come together since the save-the-date email was sent prior to even moving in. I’m so proud of my entire team, specially TAG’s President, Shannon Litton, for making it all come together seamlessly. The food, flowers, gifts, and many details all turned out the way we envisioned. I’m so proud of my entire team for pitching in and making this happen. Here are some of the pictures:   To see more pictures of our open house click here How does your organization celebrates its milestones?

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Beating the Start Up Odds: The A Group Turns 10

According to the statistics from the Department of Labor and Commerce my business was not supposed to last this long. This month, The A Group turns 10 years old. Only 29 out of 100 new businesses that started 10 years ago are still in business today. Not only we are still open for business, we are having our best year yet both in revenues as well as in the quality of work we produce. While there’s no miracle formula, there are a few things we got right from the beginning that allowed us to still be here today. While I credit God with all that’s good in my life, including my business, I also know that God often gets blamed for poor decisions and misguided business practices of businesses that fail. There are a lot of factors that dictate the success or failure of any given business, some of them…

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