Welcome Pete Wilson to The A Group


Some of the most significant events in life happen outside any clever planning on our parts. This is ever so true in this new chapter of The A Group. Today, Pete Wilson, author, speaker and former pastor of Cross Point Church in Nashville, TN joins our team as our new President.

Pete Wilson The A Group

Pete Wilson joins The A Group

I have known Pete for many years and served on Cross Point’s Board during its first 12 years. As Pete was going through his own discovery journey for the next chapter in his career, I was contemplating The A Group’s future, and how we could best serve our clients. In a series of events that could only be described as “divine intervention,” both stories came together and a new chapter is being written.

I founded The A Group almost 15 years ago, seeing a need to offer churches, ministries and non profits excellent marketing and technology services from people who understood their unique challenges. As The A Group grows and continues to serve organizations in the ever-changing world of technology, faith and culture, I realized that it was time for us to offer a fresh perspective and experience that can only come from recent service in ministry. Pete is the perfect person for that job.

I know Pete’s heart for ministry, as well as the deep knowledge and wisdom he has acquired during his time leading large, growing organizations. Being able to offer his invaluable experience and counsel to other leaders is an honor.

Nearly every client that comes to us is asking the same questions: how do we reach the next generation? How do we grow in an increasingly secular world? How do we adopt new technology and adapt to a new culture without losing our hearts? Pete has navigated that world with incredible wisdom and success, creating a growing, thriving church that reaches across generations. He has invaluable experience and encouragement to offer other leaders who are facing those same challenges.

Ultimately this partnership will bring new perspective, creativity and leadership to our clients as well to our internal team. I can’t tell you how excited I am to have Pete as a part of The A Group!

To read the full story of how this partnership came together, view our full announcement and hear from Pete as he shares his perspective on his blog.

And be sure to subscribe to The A Group’s blog, as we’ll be sharing encouraging content and resources from Pete each week, along with marketing, technology and donor development resources. You won’t want to miss it!

Please join me in welcoming Pete Wilson to The A Group. God has great things ahead!



  • Mark H Jeffress

    Wow. That’s such a great thing for both Pete and The A Group. Congratulations!

  • Sally Harper

    Congratulations Pete and A Group. I can’t wait to see what the future brings in this new partnership.

  • Frank Miller

    Pete has had such an impact on my life. His teachings have helped me so much. I’m glad he’ll be able to help other churches and organizations.

  • This is just brilliant. I am so happy for both of you!

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