A Historical Day For The A Group with Dr. Meg Meeker


Yesterday was a historical day for all of us at The A Group. One of our authors, Dr. Meg Meeker, just released Strong Fathers, Stronger Daughters the 30-Day Challenge. The follow up to her best-selling book, “Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters.” ‘The book released under The A Group label, since we helped develop, edit, design, and market it. But that’s not what made history. This morning Dr. Meeker was interviewed on the Today show where they showcased the book.

Kathy Lee Gifford, Meg Meeker, Hoda enterview

Dr. Meg Meeker with Kathy Lee Gifford and Hoda on the Today Show set

This is the first time one of our authors on a project we represent makes a live appearance on the Today show. And, to our knowledge, the first time the program features a self-published book. Even though the Today Show has had a long standing policy on not featuring self-published titles, they made an exception this time because the content was compelling and one of the hosts, Kathy Lee Gifford, had read it and became compelled to promote it.

Meg Meeker, Kathy lee Gifford, Hoda

The book is a great tool for dads who need a easy-to-follow plan to capture their daughter’s heart. Like most guys, I appreciate getting the bottom line. “Just tell me what and how to do it.” The 30-Day Challenge does just that. It’s a great book. But it’s a book Meg believed in and that our team helped bring to fruition.

Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters Challenge

As of yesterday the book was #124 on Amazon! And it also boosted the sales of its predecessor who is currently #17 after being out for almost 6 years. Congratulations Meg!

When was the last time you believe in something so much that you just had to get it done no matter the cost?


  • Congratulations!

  • Wow, super news, congrats to The A Group and you Maurilio!

  • Stephen Brewster

    Congrats! Job well done.

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations Maurilio and TAG for such a big win. Answer to your question: Today!

  • So great, Maurilio! That’s exciting stuff- I hope the book has a huge impact and look forward to reading it myself.

  • So great, M! Way to help support big impact. Look forward to reading this.

  • Noel Sparks

    ¡Enhorabuena Maurilio!

  • Congratulations to you, Dr.  Meeker, and everyone else at the A Group. Way to go!

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