The A Group 10th Anniversary Celebration and Open House


Yesterday was a big day for me. Our entire team celebrated 10 years in business and moving into our new offices. There were a lot of details to come together since the save-the-date email was sent prior to even moving in. I’m so proud of my entire team, specially TAG’s President, Shannon Litton, for making it all come together seamlessly. The food, flowers, gifts, and many details all turned out the way we envisioned. I’m so proud of my entire team for pitching in and making this happen.

Here are some of the pictures:

The A Group Lobby

Jenny Cupero, Kristen Pope and Taylor Searfoss at the lobby

The A Group tech area

The tech area

Maurilio Amorim The A Group open house food

Yours Truly around the conference room table now transformed into a banquet table

Pete Wilson Maurilio Shannon Litton

With Pete Wilson and Shannon Litton


The A Group collaboration room

The collaboration room where you can connect wirelessly to the monitors and, well, collaborate

The A Group OPen house conference room

The conference room with our enormous and amazing touch screen, white board tv

To see more pictures of our open house click here

How does your organization celebrates its milestones?

  • Jcdulaney

    Looks like an amazing office.  Congratulations!

  • The place is beautiful. Congrats on ten years in business. 

  • Very impressive, Maurilio!

  • Steven Shantz

    Maurilio, you have a stunning office and congratulations on 10 years in business. It a privilege for myself my colleagues from TWR to attend your open house. Having spent a morning working with your team the day after the event, I can say that the atmosphere in your new office is conducive to creativity and productivity. I loved using the white board on the 70 inch SHARP touchscreen!

    Behind the trendy and pretty decor is a company that delivers great marketing and technology products that are within reach of ministries and non-profits as well as commercial companies. May your next 10 years be even better!

    •  Thank you so much for your kind word, Steve. You are right, while the space is nice, the people and the quality of work our team does is what makes it all possible.

  • Congratulations and your new office space is beautiful!  

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