Vision, Tenacity and Your Success


I was recently reminded that great organizations, missions and even products were ideas in the mind of a visionary who more often than not, did not have the proverbial two dimes to rub together when they saw the opportunity and set out to seize it.  Such dynamic has always fascinated me. For me the question has always been, “Did it succeed because it was a good idea or because the sheer tenacity of its visionary leader?”

vision tenacity, Mount Rushmore

Gutzon Borglum”s vision and tenacity built Mount Rushmore

After going back and forth on the answer, I have come to believe that the answer is both –a good idea in the hands of a passionate and committed visionary.  I have seen great ideas, quantified by research, die because it lacked a champion that drove through the obstacles and refused to let roadblocks stop it from coming to fruition.

I have also seen strong, hard-driving leaders hold on to a bad idea and pour their lives and resources into something that was ill-conceived or too far ahead of its time.  If you pour resources into a bad idea, you will only cause it to die slower.

Success lies in the integration of a good idea and the resolute spirit that will not let it alone until it is born, grows and thrives.

Now when I’m faced with an opportunity I always ask myself these two questions: “how good of an idea is it?” and shortly thereafter, “Am I passionate enough about it to make sure it can come to life and grow?”

 Have you ever had a great idea? What happened?

  • Mark H Jeffress

    I’ve always wanted to start my own business and I think I have a good idea. This post has challenged me to think through my own commitment. Thank you

  • Sally Epps

    Great insight Maurilio. Thank you for writing this.

  • Jehiel Ortiz

    Very good

  • Daniel Decker

    That’s where the rubber hits the road isn’t it? That place where a “good” idea gets separated from a “great” idea and we’re faced with the reality that it will just stay an idea unless we are willing to pursue it with the passion that it will take to make it real. I honestly wrestle with that tension almost daily.

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