More Bad Church Signs


I’m sure whomever created these church signs had very good intentions. But as you and I know, intentions don’t count. People will always judge you on execution.

I’ve heard him preach. The sign is accurate

bad church sign toga

I don’t even know what to say about this.

bad church signs 11th hour

Scaring people into heaven is a great evangelistic strategy

bad church sign wine

Look what nice French wine we have for Christmas Eve. Make sure your offering matches the quality of the wine

bad church sign worries

Some churches can kill you faster than worry for sure

bad Church Signs hot water

It’s a slippery slope when you start calling people “bags”

What’s the most memorable church sign you’ve seen?

  • CH _ _ CH What’s missing? You are!

  • Totheworld

    My friend and I were so stunned at this one, I took a
    picture and still have it. Somewhere in Tennessee, 1986, Double Springs Baptist Church: GOD LOVES

  • January 1st church sign in Amarillo, TX: “Jesus gives us hop for the new year”
    (The e was missing on hope- but I really liked the message- He does give me hop!)

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