The First Christian Tablet Hits the Market


No more sinful iPad or secular Kindle, now Christians have our own tablet device, and, no it’s not the stone kind that Moses sported around the desert . You’ve read it correctly: the first Christian Tablet, the Edifi.

The world's first Christian tablet.

The tablet is more than a e-reader, according to a post on

 It also comes with movie-watching capabilities, Christian radio stations, and even a web browser with built-in “safe search,” so the tablet is safe for the whole family. “We put that on there just in case it was given as a gift to a child, so they wouldn’t have access to things they shouldn’t have access to,” said [Brian Honorable, a technology supervisor at Family Christian, the group that sells the tablet]. “We definitely had to tailor it to our customers.” Read more here

I’m still scratching my head on this one. I thought it was a joke at first, but it is not. What’s your take?

Do Christians really need our own tablet?

  • jasonhaas

    Hopefully this company is utilizing Christian parts to make it, Christian chargers and other accessories, and Christian electricity to power it up and charge it. 🙂

  • Gregf

    Seriously? Ummm…no. We don’t need our own tablet. Instead, we need to be engaging in the larger market of iPads and Android tablets to create applications and software that glorify God and lead people to Christ. If it’s a parental concern of protecting kids from content, that is easy to do on an iPad or other device. My teenager has an iPod Touch and we’ve santizied it so he doesn’t have access to YouTube, Chat rooms, Safari, etc. It only takes a few minutes to sanitize a device and use the parental controls. Parents simply need to engage and learn.

  • Steven Shantz

    I agree with Gregf. When I saw the Edifi it reminded me of calls I’ve heard for a “Christian FaceBook”, and the “GodTube”  Christians do need to be engaging in the larger market not creating sheltered “ghettos”.  My IT team reminded me that the Edifi does have some good specs for the price.  It’s not the product for me though.

  • Jansen Steele

    Perfect for reading “Fifty Shades of White.”

  • Marc David

    The reality is that it plays to huge target market. No matter how ridiculous it is, it has huge potential. From a straight business prospective, I would have loved to look into this as an Angel Investor at it’s infancy. Let’s see how it does this holiday season as an alternative to the ipad for the christian youth of american. Think about it, it’s not just the tablet they are selling, it’s a direct advertising portal for christian media. Is there an “edify-store” yet to sell bibles, games, music, etc.? The whole thing might seem ridiculous, but if enough people use it then ipad user become the “main streamers who don’t protect their kids”. I mean come on it wasn’t that long ago that Carmen was a viable “alternative ” to “secular” music. At the end of the day, there is nothing new under the sun. It’s not the world that is changing, just the the speed at at which the world can download it’s vices, fears, and beliefs. All that said, I have a few extra tickets for the Carmen show on friday, anybody want to go?

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  • Todd Smith

    Really, really, really, really, really

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  • chasingphoto


  • Sigh. No words.

  • I believe this will surely help parents guide and teach their children in using gadgets like this one.  I strongly suggest that parents and guardians should engage themselves and learn how to safely use them… and don’t forget to use it also for bonding…

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