How to Choose Your Color


Finding colors that work best on you is an important fashion foundation. Knowing what colors help you and what colors hinder you will help you look your best. While every rule has an exception, with color shades in the mix, exceptions abound. But here are a few color rules that generally work for most of us.

If you have dark hair and complexion: Black, white, and jewel-tone (deep) colors work well for you. Stay away from pastels, deep green, and most browns.

If you have light hair and fair skin: Black, pinks, some pastels like pale blue can look really good on you. Be careful with white because it can wash you out. If you’re very blond, stay away from yellows or you risk the danger of looking like a giant banana.

If you have red hair and features: Hunter green, dark browns, plums, and some deep blues are good choices. You might want to avoid pinks and bright colors such as bright reds. After all, you don’t want to look like you’re on fire.

Black usually works for most everyone and it also “hides a multitude of sins.” White is tricky. It can wash you out if your skin is very fair, and if you’re carrying extra weight, a white t-shirt can hug things you don’t want hugged, a.k.a. “moobs” (as in “man boobs”).

Zac efron what's my color male
Zac Efron in deep blue looks great. Well, honestly, Zac looks good even wearing a mustard green suit.
David Beckham blonde pale blue
David Beckham in pale blue. Pastels usually work best on people with lighter hair and skin.
red headed male model hunter green
Deep greens and blues and red hair go well together.

What is/are your best color/s?

  • I stick with darker primary colors, especially black, navy, and red. My wife’s favorite color is orange, so I’ve tried it a couple of times. Makes me look like a sick pumpkin, though I can get away with it for an accent piece, like a tie. 

    •  You are probably what in the 80’s color scheme was called a “Winter.” Good strategy with colors that you’re not sure make you look good.

  • Shwayne Jr

    what is the model with red hairs name?

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