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How to Choose Your Color

Finding colors that work best on you is an important fashion foundation. Knowing what colors help you and what colors hinder you will help you look your best. While every rule has an exception, with color shades in the mix, exceptions abound. But here are a few color rules that generally work for most of us. If you have dark hair and complexion: Black, white, and jewel-tone (deep) colors work well for you. Stay away from pastels, deep green, and most browns. If you have light hair and fair skin: Black, pinks, some pastels like pale blue can look really good on you. Be careful with white because it can wash you out. If you’re very blond, stay away from yellows or you risk the danger of looking like a giant banana. If you have red hair and features: Hunter green, dark browns, plums, and some deep blues are good choices. You might…

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