We Should Age But Never Grow Old


Aging is a matter of the mind. And yet I tell my body everyday that and it still aches and hurts every time I go out on a run. The truth is that, for the most part, aging stinks. But you can live a long time and never get “old” a.k.a crabby, bitter and demanding. Well, by those standards there are days that I could be considered old, very, very old.

We can’t stop gravity and time from slowing us down,but we can stop aging from robbing us of a full life. If you don’t think so, just take a look a this video.

Question: How do you stay young?

  • Richard Land

    I love to hang out with young people. They always remind me of what you can dream when you have a full life in front of you.

  • Anonymous

    I hang out at Nursing homes looking for old people who can play the piano and make home videos of them.

  • hmmmm. i rather embrace my age (69) because i figure i earned it. the aches and pains are there, but i have grandkids to enjoy and our ministry to 28,000 AIDS orphans in Africa (Children's Cup) that keep our minds and hearts too busy to get crabby (if that's the definition of "old"). however forgetfulness is one of the many items on the "old" list that i didn't anticipate because ah um aaa what was it i was saying?

  • Mark

    This is awesome! I want to be them at ANY age. 

  • Haha. Love it. 

  • Sheez….I can’t play from memory NOW….

  • I minister to college and high school students. They keep me young for sure!

  • Thanks for the reminder to always have fun.

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