An Amazing Dinner Experience and Why Details Matter


It was perhaps one of the best meals I’ve ever had. And I have had a lot of good meals. Restaurante Casino is top rated by Zagat. I made reservations based only on the reviews I read on my phone, hours before flying into Madrid. I had high expectations, but was not sure what to expect. The experience exceeded my expectations by a mile.

While the food tasted great (all 15 courses), what made the overall experience unforgettable was the attention to every detail from the moment I called them to the last goodby as a couple of the staff escorted us to the VIP elevator.

“Just a reminder, jackets are required for gentlemen” said the voice over the phone on a courtesy call on the day of my reservation. In the sum total of my valuation of the night, I think about the food as much as I recall the attentiveness of the staff, the decor of the building, the fresh flowers, the smiles, the fact that upon asking for the restroom I was escorted to it, even though it was not necessary. I asked if I could keep the menu so I could follow my dinner along and within a few minutes our waiter appeared with our customized printed version of our meal. I have never experienced that before.

For all practical purposes we were two American tourists who might never return to the restaurant. But for those 4 hours, I felt like European royalty. Yes, it was very expensive, but worth every penny.

Casino restaurant Madrid

Restaurante Casino - Madrid

Casino restaurant Madrid tabe side drink

Why bring a refreshing drink from the bar when you can mix one with dry ice at table side. Impressive and delicious

Casino restaurant Madrid liquid ham crockette

I don't know how the chef did this, but this "liquid ham croquette" burst into my mouth with the wonderful flavor of Iberian ham.

Casino restaurant Madrid Norway lobster with quinoa and almod soup

Norway lobster with quinoa and almond soup. As tasty as it looks.

Casino restaurant madrid frozen bombon

The frozen bombon "hid" inside three different types of ice cream. Oh, my.

Casino restaurant Madrid tea cart

Now that's a tea cart!

What kind of experience is your organization offering those who come to you? While your main product might be good, how are you doing with the details?

  • Maurilio, I would not even know where to begin in a restaurant like that.   Do you offer apprenticeships or an eBook on how to maneuver fine dining?  Perhaps you could adopt me!  😉

  • Good customer service always wins. Thanks for the article!

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