A New Beginning Might Be What You Need


Starting a new chapter in life is one of the most exciting things to me; it presents new professional possibilities, new friendships and a way to a fresh start. Too often some of our past broken relationships and mistakes have a way of following us around like the proverbial dead albatross on our necks. A new beginning allows us to take the lessons we’ve learned with us and leave the dead albatross behind. While most of us are not likely to relocate and start a new life anytime soon, we’ll probably meet and engage someone today for the first time. That can be just the new beginning you and I need.

New Beginnings New friendships

The longer I live the more I’m convinced that the most important assets I have are relationships. As I look in my life, the most rewarding days have been the ones shared with those whom I love. We don’t have to relocate in order to start a new chapter in my life. But I have to be aware that God gives us a new beginnings every time we meet someone new. During that first exchange I can choose to leave the dead albatrosses of failed relationships, marred friendships behind, and bring with me the lessons I’ve learned and start a new chapter together.

Today as you and I come face-to-face with a new beginning opportunity, we have a couple of choices to make. We can decide not to engage because we have been burned in the past by people, or that we have enough friends  and choose to put our guard up or we can embrace the adventure that a new relationship offers and open our hearts. Even with the risk of failure, I hope we choose to jump in and allow God to use the best in us for something beautiful.

Are you open to a new beginning?

  • Mark Smith

    I so need to hear this. I have had the dead albatross around my neck for too long. I have been hesitant to engage new relationships because of a bad experience. Thank you for writing this post.

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  • Rodney

    This post is like one of those sermons where you feel the pastor is speaking directly to something you are wrestling with in your heart. Thank you! The timing for me is a blessing.

  • Leah Vaughn

    This spoke to my heart today. Thank you.

  • juliekolb

    A myriad of cliques came to mind after reading this like: "Better to have loved and lost, than to have never loved at all"..Or.."When life hands you lemons, make lemonade"…Positive and truthful quotes, but much easier said than done..Truth is, it's hard to move on and start new chapters..It takes courage and lots of faith to let go..(Speaking from experience-this hit home)…

    However, there is one quote, that is a promise, that I hold close "It is of the Lord's mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not..They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness." Lamentations 3: 22-23..It's God's faithfulness to ME, not vice-versa, that allows me to keep on open heart..So thankful for His promises..He gives me the courage to jump…

    • juliekolb

      meant Cliche.."C'est la vie"..ha

  • I regularly approach life with this perspective, and I really enjoy encouraging and challenging others to embrace it as well. Loved this, man!

    • That's what I hear about you as well. Thanks for stopping by.

  • claire hartford

    Saw this on Mitchs facebook page so was being nosy here Maurilio but all I can say is what words of wisdom you have. This is an amazing piece of writing, thanks for sharing. I guess I can also critique it due to moving 4000 miles in search of a new start. I hope your friend enjoys Nashville as much as I do. It really is a special place to start a new life and I feel blessed that the powers that be allowed for this to happen… I guess it is all part of Gods great plan for us . . .

  • Anonymous

    Quite an on point message.

    I simply have started changing my home office around and the time I spend with the Lord as of this week. I feel like I have a new beginning.

    Sometimes, its a simple as that.

    Thanks, as always.

  • This is your second tweeted blog today that has struck me right where I am currently. I have been called to a new beginning but I am still in the starting gate and the door hasn’t opened. The One who can open that door has given me a peace that passes all understanding until that time, and your words have reminded me that there are new beginnings all around me just waiting to be engaged.

  • Armanbelajar

    Request permission to donwload the pictures. thank you

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