How do You Prepare Your Messages or Presentations?


How do you prepare for your speaking engagements? Pastors have to prepare a message every week, sometimes two or even three messages in the course of a few days. The pressure is always on to deliver something that will challenge, motivate, inspire and ultimately cause people to move from complacency and the status quo into a deeper relationship with God.  While most pastors believe that God is the One who does the changing and convincing, they are also aware they’re called to be a spokesperson for things that are sacred and cannot abdicate their responsibility to prepare.

Recently I interviewed Mike Slaughter, Sr. Pastor of Ginghamsburg Church, and he shared with me in the video below how he prepares the message that he delivers 5 times each weekend.

How do you prepare for a message or presentation?

  • Mark H Jeffress

    Thanks for posting Mike’s preparation. That was very interesting to me. I think I wait too late to develop my material and I don’t have enough time to add creative elements to it. 

  • Christopher Richards

    Maurilio, thank you for posting this video. This is very helpful to someone starting out in ministry. Great information. 

    • It took Mike a while to come up with his system. I hope you’ll find your stride soon.

  • I love the fact that he Googles pretty much everything he does.  You’d be nuts not to.  The hours that must save him.  I find it hard to blog if I can’t Google.  Sometimes just Googling images as I’m writing helps inspire and propel me forward.

    • Images and videos often inspire me to write, but then so does bad taste at airports and public places. 🙂

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