My Prayer for the American Church


Someone asked me yesterday “so what do you think is the future of the church in America?” Boy, that’s a loaded question. A lot of people smarter than me have speculated on where the American church is headed. Some feel hopeful but many others have pointed towards the spiritual darkness of the European landscape as its future. While I’ll leave the speculation to pollsters, here’s my prayer for the Church in America:

My Prayer for the American Church

I pray that the church will continue to seek those outside the faith. I believe that nothing is closer to heart of God than rescuing those for whom He sent his Son to die on the cross.

I pray that the church will live its faith out in authentic community where the broken as well as the whole can do life together.

I pray that the church will continue to remind Christians that while we are change agents in this world, we are not to be comfortable in it. After all, the world was not meant to be our home.

I pray that the church will find its voice in each new generation and speak hope and truth in clear and compelling ways.

I pray that I will become what God has created me to be so that His Church can do all He has designed her to do.

What is your prayer for the Church in America?

  • Chase

    Very refreshing. We share the same heart.

  • I'll join you in that prayer.

    • Thanks Pete. My journey at CrossPoint over the past seven years has brought me to this prayer.

  • Joseph

    I pray the American Church focuses on the "Positive" of being a follower and pushes out the fringe of so-called Christianity that brings a negative view of our amazing faith.

    Wow…that's not loaded at all.

    • There's nothing negative about being redeemed, and yet so many manage to make it so.

  • Jess Strickland

    Great response great prayer and may I add; God make Christ the unquestioned Center of everything we do, the One we passionately worship and the one we faithfully follow in every generation.

  • Excellent, Maurilio! 🙂

    Also, to piggy-back on Jess's comment above: my dear pastor-friend says that Christ is to be our "animating center." I pray that he is my, your, and the Church's "animating center."

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  • May your church, Lord, be like the rising sun in its strength.

  • Rodney Eason

    I am praying with you.
    "I pray that I will become what God has created me to be so that His Church can do all He has designed her to do." Love that. Has anyone ever told you that you sound like Paul? 🙂

    • Wow. No, Rodney and that's such a great compliment. Thank you.

  • Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  • Amen!
    I pray that the Church would remember we are to be known by our love. People will not be drawn to God if we're hostile and judgmental. We must sacrificially serve.

  • Great prayer, Maurilio, though if we pause to count the cost, each of your points is weighted and serious. To the poster who wanted to get rid of the "negatives" of our faith so people can see how positive it is, I agree, we need to end religousness and man centered faith, and abuse.

    But Jesus promised us the world would hate us. You can say Jesus loves you in the most positive light and find yourself like Stephan, being dragged away and stoned.

    The world is dark. And it hates the light. We cannot change the Gospel to be dark enough for those who don't want to see.

    • Excellent reminder, Rachel. We're supposed to be salt and light.

  • I pray that the church would no longer focus on the external, earthly measures of success; but that they would focus on living and breathing the life and love of Christ to the lost. I pray that building campaigns would be replaced with feeding the poor and caring for the orphans and that we wouldn't have to have programs, just simply and unapologetic love for Jesus and a hunger for His word.

  • Timely post. I wish all believers would pray and live out your words.

  • Amen. I would extend this prayer to the Western church in general.

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