Sometimes Your Best Sales Strategy is a Party


If you have ever met me in person, you know that I’m highly relational. I’m truly blessed to work with people I like. I’m at the stage in my career that I don’t have to pursue relationships that are only financially motivated. This year, instead of paying for a booth at the Catalyst Conference (13 thousand Christians leaders meeting for 3 days in Atlanta), I opted to have a small gathering of clients, friends and even some new friends at a restaurant near the arena. Everyone seemed to have had a great time. I loved it. It was a great fit for my personality and the type of work our branding and development team does: focused, personal and relational. By the end of the evening, our friends and clients were talking unsolicited about the value we bring to them to our new friends and potential clients.

with Greg Surratt and Shawn Wood


with Pete Wilson, Tami Heim and Shannon Litton

lively conversation around the dinner table

I realized years ago that strategy is not a commodity you can peddle at a trade-show booth. In order for me or anyone in my team to be effective, we have to have a deep connection and trust with our clients. That’s the nature of strategic consulting: it’s difficult, often emotional, and a trusted friend is always more effective in these situations than a paid consultant. I decided long ago I was going to be a trusted friend to my clients. That decision has served me well.

How are you cultivating and growing relationships in your business?

  • Lewis Clayton

    I like your approach, Maurilio. I believe most sales is about relationships even if you're doing it on a large scale. Trust is a big issue for any brand. My company is always looking for ways to connect with new clients and we know that our existing base is the best way to do it.

  • Tami Heim

    I am are deeply blessed by those we serve. It's a privilege to do what we do and I am grateful.

  • That's well put Maurilio. Strategy is not a commodity and it can create tangible value for clients. The best source of new clients are existing clients that understand the value of our organization. Trust will always be the foundation, but I think there are some exciting new possibilities to leverage advocates/referral sources via social media.

    • You're right, social media as a great resource for referrals.

  • The conference may have fewer booths next year and restaurants around it might just have a longer waiting list…

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