Words Could Never Describe


In my line of work I have seen a lot of weird stuff Christians do. But this video has its own special category. Really. Keep in mind that this was shot just last year. And make sure you watch it all the way through. It gets even better towards the end.

  • The dude in the middle kind of looks like you. 🙂

  • Pete, Dude in the middle ain't got no moves compared to me!

  • wow. sorry. wow.Is that "modern" worship? :)wow.again.wow.

  • Every time I see that, I close my eyes and pray that it is just a bad joke… I fear that it's for real!

  • My Grandma used to watch Jesus Welk…I loved that show

  • Alex Poston

    I'm speechless.

  • This is surreal, no question.But is it different in kind from the pandering to pop culture that is now pervasive in Christian worship?

  • Maurilio, The good news is that this isn't exactly a "Christian Band". I've seen this on the net for about a month now (Carlos Whittaker of Ragamuffin Soul posted it then too). It is the cult known as "The Way" that put this on, but I agree that the world will think it's us "Crazy Christians" again! Good post

  • Anonymous

    I am sure if you could find a way to market this stuff you would. Some of your methods are equally as offensive. I wish church was more God and less Maurillio marketing.

  • As a Worship Leader I definitely have some opinions about what I just saw. But what I truly wish Mr./Ms. Anonymous, is that if you actually want anyone to take seriously anything you post you would be kind enough to use your real name and URL. It is so easy for vitriol to hide behind a curtain. I don't know Mr. Amorim, but I suspect he thrives just as much on good criticism as he does praise. That is, after all, what he does. Isn't it?

  • Obviously this was a "performance" not a "worship" moment. Still, it is a little weird. But, we are all family, and wouldn't it be better to be uplifting and encouraging one another than pointing out our foibles in a public forum?

  • More of Christians gone wild.

  • Alright….so does Pete know you are sharing Cross Point worship footage?

    Seriously, no wonder so many churches are dying. If my worship ministry came to me and proposed that I would throw up in my mouth and fire them all! Wow!

    On a lighter note, it is funny!

  • Anonymous

    many of you are obviously busy making the world a better place…. (or so you want folks to think so…)

    but that’s… when you’re not blogging… twittering… praising each other… making fun of God’s children… and of course…. showing how much smarter, better, cooler and more Christian you are… than those lesser than you…

    you’re all phonies… fakers… and hypocrites… and you don’t know what the Gospel really requires… nor can you afford (or live with) the pay cut to really roll your sleeves up and serve your fellow man as Christ did… or you’d be doing it instead of pretending to be Godly… while checking your 401 k’s… and your bank account statements… and etc…

    God bless each and every one of you… I’m sure He’ll be waiting to speak with each of you sooner or later…

    judas icarus

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