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Google Wave to Change the Way We Communicate

Google has changed the way we catalog and access information. Now the geniuses are out to redefine and change the way we communicate. Google Wave is schedule to come out later this year, and if it is successful it will kill email as we know it. This is a long presentation, but it’s worth your time to see how Wave might change the way we communicate. How quick are you to adopt a new communication platform?

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Low Tech, High Touch Marketing

I’m often in meetings with CEO’s and business leaders looking for cutting edge ways to reach their customers. I must confess that I love technology–almost as Kip in the movie “Napoleon Dynamite” for those of you who saw it–but technology can be a trap. Today I was reminded that it’s not technology that sells, but creative, self-motivated people behind technology that make the sale. Yesterday I got an email from Courtney Ivey. Courtney works for a men’s store, John Craig, in Orlando, Florida. Earlier this year, I bought a shirt from her during one of my speaking engagements at the Shingle Creek Rosen Resort where her store is located. Yesterday, I got an email from Courtney with 5 pictures she took of her new shipment of Robert Graham shirts. I have gotten more compliments on my Robert Graham shirt than anything else I’ve bought lately and have wanted to buy…

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Birthing Websites

Going live with a website is analogous to the birthing process–ok, ladies, please give me some latitude here. First, there’s a conception plan, then the site begins to take shape in the womb of a development server. A lot of work goes into creating and growing the new site that’s hidden from everyone but its creator(s), and then one day, the new site goes live after the DNS records propagate. And much like the birth of a baby, the site, no matter how large, will continue to develop and grow in the days to come.Over the past few days we have given birth to some great websites: and their sister sites and Beyond the clean, streamlined design of these sites, their most powerful function is something most people will never see: the back end custom programming that allows different people, from designers and product buyers to inventory…

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Healing, Faith and Technology

I have found myself complaining that technology makes us so accessible that it’s intrusive and often unnecessary. But after yesterday, I have found a whole new appreciation for the ability to connect with people at an instant. After my youngest son was diagnosed with pneumonia, our pediatrician was concerned about other symptoms Derek displayed. Without alarming us, he let us know that he wanted to test our little boy for juvenile diabetes. Gwen and I began to pray and ask God for healing. After days of waiting, we got a call. The results of the first two tests were not encouraging, but not conclusive. A third and final test would tell us whether or not he would have to begin a life-long battle with a tough condition. Gwen email loved ones all over the globe. I text messaged close friends and family throughout the entire country to pray with us…

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