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Going live with a website is analogous to the birthing process–ok, ladies, please give me some latitude here. First, there’s a conception plan, then the site begins to take shape in the womb of a development server. A lot of work goes into creating and growing the new site that’s hidden from everyone but its creator(s), and then one day, the new site goes live after the DNS records propagate. And much like the birth of a baby, the site, no matter how large, will continue to develop and grow in the days to come.

Over the past few days we have given birth to some great websites: and their sister sites and Beyond the clean, streamlined design of these sites, their most powerful function is something most people will never see: the back end custom programming that allows different people, from designers and product buyers to inventory managers, to manage the entire catalog from an easy-to-use, browser-based interface. Making it easier to train workers to change the entire structure of their website with just a few clicks of a mouse. As matter of fact, even the entire database structure of these catalogs, even from the root directory can be changed by user interface without a single call to our offices. Now, that’s flexibility.

In a few minutes, we’ll be going live with Only after three short years of existence, S4S has given over 3 million pairs of shoes to needy people worldwide, and it continues to grow exponentially. Their communications’ strategy called for an easy-to-use site where no information is more than 3 clicks away, but with a powerful backbone to allow for its growing staff to post news, photos, videos, products, etc. and virtually all of S4S future communications. The site is integrated with their 3 warehouses across the nation for fast shipping and even inventory management. There’s even a cool feature where video is played within the rotating feature and cycles through along with still images. check it out for yourself.

I’m often proud of the work our team puts out, but I’m specially proud of the new technologies we have developed for organizations we serve. Way to go team!

  • Maurilio,

    I’m really impressed with the diversity and quality of these sites. You also have some pretty impressive clients!



  • Thanks Mike. We're really enjoying the work.

  • As always, you guys are putting out some great stuff. Kudos to the team.

  • I've experienced both kind of "births" – and we'll have to give you a LOT of latitude to make that comparison. But, there is great pride in both!

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