We Need More Encouragement Than We Realize


I have days I don’t feel quite right. I’m sure you have those as well. You’re not physically sick, but there’s this feeling down deep in the pit of your stomach that nags at you as if to say, “something is wrong, but I don’t know what.” It’s more of a psychological issue than a physical one. Sometimes fatigue combined with stress can wreak havoc on our bodies and minds. Yesterday was one of those days for me. Interestingly, I found that for me there is a antidote to that depressing ambiguous feeling: encouragement.

Because we all need encouragement

Just as I was pushing through the day and pressing forward I got a call from someone who during our conversation took time to encourage me. Those were kind words that I didn’t expect to hear but they worked themselves deep into my soul and began to soothe and comfort in a way I had not expected. Within minutes, my outlook had changed and the nagging void that once bothered me for most of the day, suddenly disappeared.

I’m thankful for people in my life who bring so much healing to my soul; however, I was personally convicted about my missed opportunities to encourage others. I heard my pastor say that we judge others on their actions while we judge ourselves on our intentions. That resonated with me. I seem to judge everyone on their actions and myself on my great intentions.

I’m convicted about being intentional on becoming the encourager for those around me. I find that those who seem to “have it together” are often the ones most encouragement-depleted.

Who do you need to reach out to today and speak blessings into their lives?

  • This is so good, Maurilio. We all have those dark days and we all need encouragement. We can’t always depend on others to encourage us when we need it, but we can take the initiative to be the encouragement others need. This is a good reminder. Thanks.

    • Mike, I often think of you as one of the most balanced and well adjusted people I know. I’m sure those of us who know you personally don’t think you need the encouragement that we all crave.

  • Anonymous

    Great reminder Maurilio. I agree and had the chance to encourage someone yesterday.

  • I really appreciated the way you encouraged me yesterday. I think way too often people forget the power of a simple encouraging or appreciative comment. If you try to make others feel as special as you want to feel yourself then you can make a lot of positive difference in the world.

  • Anonymous

    I had a similar situation happen to me yesterday. It wasn’t a long conversation, nor really a conversation at all.nnMy former pastor donated money to help me go to Czech and, when I sent him a thank you for it, he replied back in email and said that him and his wife believe in me.nnThat did a lot to encourage me.

  • Maurilio, thanks for being so open, transparent, and, well, real. You are definitely an encouragement to me. Thanks for sharing!

  • Mike Thacker

    Good reminder Maurilio. It’s easy for us to lose perspective which leads to temporary depression. Our lost perspective and wrong thinking about ourselves or our circumstance can often be set right with a little dose well timed encouragement.

  • Susan Wilkinson

    Maurilio, your last sentence is insightful and very true. Thanks for saying it out loud. It’s a message that needs to be shouted. nnGreat post.

  • Tammie

    Well said and well received. I think you were speaking of me. Thank you for your words–very encouraging–for this encourgement-depleted person. You hit it right on the head. My pity-party isn’t going to help me.

  • Maurilio,nnI truly believe that we all need a lot more encouragement. I see so many people, myself included, who are too focused on themselves to acknowledge the good in others. As you pointed out, a few simple words can go a long way.

  • So insightful. I absolutely love this. I stumbled upon your blog because I was so affected by a client who simply told me “I believe in you” yesterday. I am determined to be a voice of encouragement in the lives of others today, and always.

  • Pete Wilson

    You encouraged me on Sunday and it meant the world to me. You’re probably better at this then you realize.

  • One of my mentors gave me that same experience by closing an e-mail with the words, “You are loved and appreciated.” I now try to spread them around wherever possible. You never know who needs to hear that affirmation.

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