Rethinking Regifting


Regifting is considered to be the lowest form of gift giving. After all it is passing along something that didn’t cost you anything and that you don’t particularly like. It’s less like “paying it forward” and more like “dropping it backwards.” However, I would like to offer another perspective. I would like for us to think of regifting as a very positive thing.


If we take the position that every good gift comes from God, meaning all we are and possess, then the act of giving to others becomes a true re-gift. Think about it. My children will “buy” gifts for some of their love ones this Christmas. But neither of them has jobs, and whatever money they have is itself a gift from others, mainly their hard-working parents.

We give because we have been given. We are able to bless because we have been blessed. We are able to love, because God first loved us.

This Christmas think about re-gifting, but not the things you don’t like, but re-gifting the abundant blessings you have received. Remember that anything you give away– your time, your resources, your love–is something that has been given to you in the first place.

What’s your most memorable Christmas gift?


  • MarkJeffress

    Great insight Maurilio. I needed the perspective.

  • Sally Smith

    I remember getting a sweater my mother knitted for me as one of my Christmas gifts. At the time I didn’t care much for it and set it aside. But as I grew older the more meaning that gift had to me. I still have it today. I keep it as a memory of my mom who is no longer around. That was something she created specially for me.

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