How to Impact the Emerging Generation


Impacting an emerging generation is not easy work, especially if you want to create a shift in thinking and attitude that lasts a lifetime and not merely create an emotional experience that is only remembered but has little impact. My son Marcus has been part of the Student Leadership University (SLU) for the past 3 summers and the experiential program has had a profound impact in his life. He has spent a week in Orlando going behind the scenes at Sea World and Universal Studios, a week in Washing DC learning about how our nation works and the faith of our founding fathers, and a week in England and France discovering how leadership and faith have transformed that continent. He’s looking forward to going to Jordan next summer to finish the program.


For the next few weeks SLU is sponsoring a webinar featuring some of SLU’s staff.  Dr. Jay Strack, the organization’s visionary leader, is the first speaker in the series. These videos are up for one week only, so if you want to learn how to communicate with the emerging generation, you will want to watch them.

Here’s what you need to know:

Who: Jay Strack, Matt Lawson, Brian Mills & Brent Crowe
What: “Think Bigger” webinar series hosted by Student Leadership University
When: October 22-November 18
Full schedule available at

This four-week webinar series is designed to equip youth leaders, teachers, administrators, and others influencing youth to reach beyond the average youth program and challenge young people to think bigger, develop a Christian worldview, and awaken their potential.

The series kicks off this week with Dr. Jay Strack talking on “Managing Present Demands While Leading for the Future.” Each session will be available for one week only, with a new speaker each week, so be sure to check back and experience the entire “Think Bigger” series.

What event or experience had the most impact in your life?


  • I wish every student had the opportunity to experience this type of Christian leadership! Faith enriching, entertaining, and relationship building experiential conferences, but at the same time an opportunity to instill values and core leadership skills for our next generation of Christian leaders. After all, they are the ones who will be on the front line of the spiritual warfare for decades to come. The better armed they are, the more impact they will have in God’s great work.

    • Mark Walker

      That’s a great insight. Hope SLU can find ways to secure scholarship for deserving kids who cannot afford to attend their programs

  • Sally Turner

    I had a teacher, Mr. Shanko, who believed in me beyond what I even believe I was able to do. He challenged me to pursue excellence in an entire new level. Sounds like the SLU program is filled with opportunities for teens to discover their potential and believe beyond where they are. I wish I had that opportunity growing up.

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