What Makes a Great Customer Experience?


Regardless of the final results, you will be graded on the entire execution process. Whether we are in the restaurant business, a not-for-profit, a church, or selling gadgets, our measure of success, from the consumer point of view, is not only the quality of deliverables but how well we get there.

great customer experience

That thought stuck with me as I experienced great customer service at a restaurant recently. From the moment I walked in to the point I stepped out, I was impressed with the level of detail and care. And, yes, the food was amazing, but so was everything else.

On the other side of that equation, I was thinking about a home project that at the end looked good and was well done, but getting there was a painful, arduous affair.  While people complimented the final product, I always think, “I’m not doing that ever again.”

As I tried to break down all variables on what makes a great experience and what doesn’t, I ultimately have to come to its most basic of all parts: people.

That’s an easy one if we are looking at the service industry whose products and experiences are driven primarily by the one-on-one interaction with people, but even in the commodity industry, people will create the design, as well as the experience of discovering, engaging, and purchasing a product.  Apple has done a great job in being consumer-centric and innovating its way from the brink of bankruptcy a few years ago to the most valuable tech company on the planet. The experience of discovering, purchasing, and using an Apple product is by far superior to its competitors.

At The A Group, we invest in people more than any other tool. So far it has been the best return on investment we have made.

What’s a recent memorable experience and what made it special?

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