We Must Pull The Band-Aid Before We Can Heal


Often the anticipation of the pain is far greater than going ahead and “pulling” the proverbial band-aid. We all have been there…the sense of dread, the knot in the pit of the stomach, the worry about the fall-out.

ripping band aids

I have seen organizations and individuals go through a season of angst due to an impending decision that keeps getting postpone time and time again because the decision maker fears the confrontation and whatever consequence that might come from it.

Years ago I remember postponing letting a team member go because of the knowledge base that person had on a lot of different projects within our company. The longer I delayed, the inevitable the worst things got with clients and the rest of the team.

In the same way, I remember being in angst for weeks over a difficult conversation I knew I had to have with someone close but didn’t want to deal with the potential pain associated with it. The conversation was difficult but it began the healing process. The days getting there were torturous.

And much like a child who doesn’t want his wounds dressed for fear of feeling even more pain, I lived in discomfort, worry, and anxiety every postponed moment–every wasted opportunity I had to make things right—to speak my heart…to right a wrong.

Perhaps there’s a band-aid in your life that’s long overdue to be removed, and you have postponed it for way too long.

What would it take for you to finally do it?


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