Making Your Best Choice


Transition is inevitable. Sometimes we choose to make a move and sometimes we are thrust against our will into a completely new timeline, not of our choosing. But during the times we choose to make a move and to transition, whether it be a job or a relationship, I find that too often we run from something or someone into something or someone else.

Too often I find people, myself included, exchange one set of problems for another…one pattern of bad behaviors for another, sometimes with even more dire consequences. Why do we do that? Why do we escape from the fire into the frying pan?

Making the best choice transtioning

I’m not a psychologist, but a bit of introspection lately gave me a hint. If I don’t know what I want, I cannot make a clear choice. I cannot say “no” to a mediocre offer or to another difficult relationship unless I know what I really want.

It’s easy to say “no” to something good when there’s a deeper “yes” within.

And to know what I want, I have to come to grips with who I am or whom I want to become. Yes, more existential than most posts, but I believe that unless we can frame our choices on the basis of what’s important to us, our worldview, then we’ll continue to move from job to job, from failed relationship to failed relationship.

Big question: Do you know what you want?

  • Sally Epps

    That’s a tough question, but I believe you have nailed this one. Unless we know what we want, anything will do and nothing will satisfy. 

  • Guest

    I know what I want, but I’m trapped in a life that I cannot get out. 

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