What a Nomination to the Nashville Business Journal’s “Small Business Award” Means to Me


Awards can be a sign of a job well done. They can become a distraction when they become an end instead of a pure recognition. I have never chased awards for The A Group in our ten years in business. We have won several over the years, however. We have been chosen to be one of the latest finalists for the Nashville Business Journal Small Business of the Year Award. I must say, I’m very proud of our entire team for this one.

Small Business Awards

From the NBJ’s own website:

“We solicited nominations from profitable businesses with 75 or fewer employees. From there, we let the numbers do the talking, recognizing the companies with the greatest revenue growth over the last three years.The company with the greatest growth in each of five categories will be recognized during an Aug. 16 awards luncheon.”

The A Group was chosen a finalist in the 20-29 employee category in the Middle Tennessee area. I’m proud of this recognition for several reasons:

  • We are profitable. We have been from day one. I know a lot of businesses take years to turn a profit. I’m not smart enough to run a business like that. I figured if we were profitable right away, then I wouldn’t have to worry about how to get there later.
  • We are growing. Our team has almost doubled over the past 3 years. We continue to provide an innovative, positive, and fun atmosphere for our team members. I look forward going to work.
  • The numbers tell us more than just the bottom line. Strong financial growth represents the work we have done on behalf of the many organizations we partner along and serve. We hope to serve them well, and strong financials help us to reinvest into people and resources that, in turn, allow us to serve our clients even better.

What award or recognition that you’ve received means the most to you? Why?

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